5 Ideas for Spiritual Business

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Business is everything

When your professional business is fully aligned with your highest longing, then it becomes a development path in itself.

If you are interested in spirituality, you can create a spiritual business, and at the same time, move through your spiritual path. Great!

Do you want to transform your life and manifest your uniqueness? Then you face the fantastic challenge of embodying your highest ideals. That is the journey of the businessman!

The basis for a healthy business.

A healthy business is, first and foremost, a means of expression for the people involved in it. Secondly, it is a solution for the community.

Most importantly, you should answer the question: What do you want to bring to the world?

Some qualities promote joy and evolution. These are freedom, power, love, commitment, wisdom and acceptance. Which is the one you feel the most and you’d like to boost?

Once you find this ideal, you have connected with your inspiration, don’t forget that! It will be the guiding light for your entire business adventure.

Manifestation: From the inspiration towards the product

The next step is to give form to these desires. You have to bring them to the world of shape. So, you will need a plan, resources and a procedure.

The plan will guide the project. The resources will feed it, and the procedure will keep the business updated and healthy.

One of the main phases of such a fantastic journey is product or service development. It is the process that transforms your highest personal aspirations into an item or service.

Your spiritual product has to be an answer for you and the community.

If it provides value to you but it is useless to others, it is the wrong product. Similarly, if it is helpful for others but lacks value for you, it will take you nowhere.

Remember, when you offer what means nothing to you, you receive nothing.

The perfect product

The perfect product is a means for you to express your longing, and at the same time, meet specific requirements for the community. Of course, you have to be able to produce it! It has to fit your resources and skills. When you reach this point, you have reached the end of the product design stage.

Usually, such a process takes time, effort and substantial doses of internal and external research.

Below, I have shared five potential products/services oriented for the spiritual and personal development niche to support you with the challenge of finding the perfect product. Enjoy!

Provide physical practices.

The necessity:

People often need to leave the mind and come back to the body. Especially in western society, the average lifestyle has become static and heavy. Many hours on a chair, in front of a screen or spending all day on the sofa. Many people have started to realize how this lifestyle kills their power; they are now looking for an antidote.


Many spiritual traditions work with physical rituals, for instance, the Asanas of Yoga, the Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen, the Tensegrity of Castaneda or the traditional dances of Shamans.

By facing the limits of the body, you develop power and understanding. As your physical abilities grow, the power of your mind grows too, and you will be able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Consequently, physical practices may be a massive boost for spiritual and personal development. This potential business could be on-site or online sessions where you would provide these kinds of practices.

Develop a Spiritual platform.

The necessity:

For the majority of people, spiritual experiences are still pretty unknown. When they face a spiritual awakening, they may not find support or understanding from those closest to them. For this reason, your experience can be beneficial.

Above all, it may inspire and help people who are going through the process right now. You can send the message out there:

Hey, you are not alone; I was where you are, be patient, faithful, breathe and keep going.

Many people will need this kind of support in the coming times.


For this purpose, you could start a website or launch and develop a social media channel. Perhaps, share articles, podcasts and videos through one or multiple platforms. There are many ways to monetize this kind of content, even if you don’t have a product per se.

Your product will be the content itself! If you have a great story to tell and know how to share it, eventually, people will join your platform and you will find many ways to transform such an engagement into revenue. With this kind of business, you can go worldwide!

Corporal therapies

The necessity:

People carry lots of tension and stress cumulated in the muscles, organs and joints. All this stuck energy may cause pain, lack of vital energy, tiredness and sickness. Therefore, when it is released, the body and mind can relax and thus, work better.

Many fellows did not develop the capacity to find such a release by themselves; they need support and guidance to do it. It is a straightforward and quick way to improve life, and many people are looking for it!


You can offer many different kinds of healings through corporal therapies, such as shiatsu, essential oils treatments, stones massage, Thai massage, acupuncture, Tantric therapy and many more. There are many ways to heal and support others just by using your hands, body and presence.

Do you feel interested in this possibility? I’m sure your relatives will appreciate it a lot!

Personal support

The necessity:

The world needs people who are willing to listen, and who can accept without judgement. Such a friend is a treasure today. It can free and help many colleagues who are stuck in self-criticism and self-rejection.

The main lesson we all have to learn is acceptance, for our suffering is rejection-based. The whole world is now a school of acceptance.


Eventually, we all look for support and understanding. Many wounds can be closed just by sharing openly with someone you fully trust. There is a lot of power in two people that share openly with no judgement. This potential can destroy any obstacle and release any lingering fears.

In this case, the service would be individual encounters where you, and your client, will be able to talk and share in a safe environment. You could do it on-site, in your city or online streaming sessions.

Create a community

The necessity:

One of the significant obstacles to spiritual and personal development is the conditioning of social standards. Whatever you go, you will find proposals and invitations which are against a healthy and growth-based lifestyle.

From an average perspective, the principal targets are material and superficial, and all of them are fear-based. Of course, we gain nothing by complaining; however, we can create an alternative.

A spiritual community may be the perfect solution. It can provide all the support and the proper guidance that is missing in society. For this reason, you can find many spiritual organizations, ashrams, brotherhoods, monasteries and so on.


A local community in your town or city is one option. Communities in the countryside are common too, where the members visit the facilities for events and activities.

The alternative is an online community. This option is cheaper, and you will be able to connect and gather a community from people all around the world. Nowadays, many digital tools are available to manage and coordinate communications within a specific community of people.


Manifesting your higher purpose is an extraordinary way to help others and develop yourself. By following this path, you will devote all of your energy and time to fulfilling your dream.

Your business connects you with reality. It is, in fact, a bridge, a communication channel that connects you with everything around you. It is an opening that allows you to give and receive.

Here, I shared some ideas were as potential seeds of an entire business. Of course, all of them will require lots of time, effort and faith to become a reality. Have fun!