5 Spiritual Challenges for youth

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The vast potential of youth.

Let’s say you are between fifteen and twenty-five, pure youth. If you compare yourself with an average person in their forties, what do you think would be the main difference? Energy; that is all.

In this sense, nowadays, the potential of youth seems higher than that of older ages.

I’m sure you have heard once in a while this sentence from an older person: “Oh, If I could just get back to my youth.”

They think that the potential is inevitably lost over the years, but they are wrong. Be aware! They had the power, and they dropped it due to the life choices they made.

A big part of the energy you enjoy now in your youth can be kept if you make the right life choices, especially if you commit to these decisions early on your path. The sooner, the better!

Potential is not enough for self-development.

A higher potential means more capacity to manifest and transform reality (external and internal). But to manifest, the energy has to be used properly.

You know that everyone out there wants your money, so you need to pay attention and put it just in the places where it will generate more wealth. Likewise, you have to choose how to use your power very carefully.

In short, to walk the path of personal and spiritual development, first, you have to gather energy, and second, direct it correctly. Youth is synonymous with fresh and new power. Great! The only thing you need to know is how to manage such a potential to serve you and others.

5 Main spiritual challenges/obstacles in youth

Here I share five critical pieces of advice to direct all your potential correctly and boost your personal development. Let’s keep our energy fresh and alive for the rest of our lives!

What do I Want to Do VS What Should I Do

Some days ago, I was talking to a close friend who is in her sixties. She was facing a life dilemma regarding her marriage, and I asked her what she wants. She answered, “To be honest, I never ask myself what I want to do, but what I should do.”

The average education is based on obedience. I tell you, docility is not a bad quality if you know how to use it. But if all you learn is how to obey, managing personal desires becomes a significant challenge later in life.

To evolve and reach joy, you have to express your true self. Your unique and real identity has to be manifested freely!

The appetites of the body

In your youth, you are filled with physical energy. However, because of this, your appetites may be over-activated. Therefore, it is possible you feel strong calls to enjoy physical pleasures like over-eating, drinking, sensuality and so on.

Of course, this recreation is excellent. It is part of your life experience, and it should not be neglected nor repressed. If you want to have it, go on! There is no sin, fault, nor mistake in doing this.

What you should avoid is putting these physical gratifications in the centre of your life. Primarily for two reasons:

The first one is because the joy that comes from these appetites will decrease and eventually even disappear in time. If they represent your primary purpose, once they go, you will be lost.

The second reason is because fulfilling those appetites requires an input of energy and generates little to no outcome. It is a terrible place to put most of your power, for you will lose it. Bad business!

The spiritual experience vs the spiritual life

Spiritual growth is something extraordinary that manifests itself into the ordinary.

You can seek different experiences that expand your perception of life and yourself. Nowadays, there are many options available; you can go to India to deepen the Yogi culture. Go to Asia to learn about Tao and traditional medicine. Maybe you prefer America to meet the Shamans and the powerful energies of nature.

All these possibilities can be beneficial if they are integrated into a growth lifestyle.

In some way, personal and spiritual development is similar to physical improvement. If you go for an intensive month challenge to the gym, you will improve your physical performance. But as soon as you stop the exercises, your body will lose the improvement.

Similarly, if you commit to a specific spiritual practice and ignore your daily development, the progress will be inconsistent and irregular.

What matters the most: a growth lifestyle aligned with your life purpose. That is the secret!

The temptation to feel different

Once I was going through an extreme crisis. A master came to help me, and she told me, “Your spiritual awakening is not for you. It is for everyone.”

Nowadays, the majority of people have no clue about what the spiritual and personal development process means. If you are going through a real awakening, you may find nobody to share it with.

This fact can bring about self-isolation. The idea of “What is happening to me is exceptional, and no one can understand” can grow; however, this is not the way.

You are connected with everyone, and to bring more light and understanding to your life, you have to find a way to share these gifts with the people around you. Even if you feel like your family and friends can not fully understand your experience, you are able to share love, compassion and joy with them. You just need to find the specific way.

Cultivate the intention to give; this is the only way to receive, for giving and receiving are the same!

The vast lie of the easy life

The idea of an easy life is sold today as a synonym of happiness; however, the reality is quite different: Life is challenging.

Life is an endless flow of ambitious and uplifting trials. It is the natural mechanism of evolution. If you are avoiding them, then you are escaping life itself!

The very first and most direct consequence of an easy life is the weakening of personal power. If you spend your whole youth avoiding problems and do not develop the capacity to overcome the intensity, challenges will become unsurmountable mountains in your adulthood.

You won’t have enough personal power to deal with them so that they will terminate you. This way, you can see today how many people give up their lives because they can’t cope with the climb.

The easy life concept is an illusion. Be ready for the challenges and accept them with gratitude!


Youth is power, pure potential. Keeping that energy in your hands is a life choice. It is possible to be young in your sixties or seventies! You have to put the power in the right places.

An average mindset contains certain beliefs, programs and habits that are not compatible with personal development. However, It is not easy to be aware of this when you are young.

The influence of the environment is strong, and you will need a lot of personal power to break habits and create your path of growth and development.

However, now more than ever, people are awakening and fighting the paradigm.

If your decision is honest and your commitment is strong, you will receive all the support and extra help that you could need. That is the path towards freedom; it deserves everything!