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Monika Marek

Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Life Coach - Personal Development and Spiritual Guide - Shaman in Inner Spark

What is Shamanism, and how the Shaman heals?

Shamanism is the ancient knowledge about the human soul, the human spirit and the spirit of all things. Being a Shaman is a service to humanity. 

Shamanism is also a pearl of intrinsic wisdom, the old path of spirituality and healing. It is a direct way to connect us with who we really are and to have an experience of it.

The term “shaman” derives from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark.” A Shaman can “see” energies that are invisible to ordinary people. Not only can he see, but he also feels senses and experiences energy through every aspect of his being.

Connect with the essence of life

Humans beings are very intellectual, and we live through our minds. However, life itself is not philosophical. Life vibrates energy and power. Life is us. Shamanism perceives everything as a world of spirits and energy. It understands the “spirit” as an essence, the truth behind the illusion of the mind. For the Shaman, nature represents the essence of all, the existence itself. Being in nature brings us closer to the mystery of the universe.

We also connect with the essence of life, but often we are not aware of it. For example, when we meet a new person, it takes seven seconds to make or get a first impression of someone. We can say that we feel this person. In reality, we connect to the essence of this person. It is what we call a direct connection with reality. We connect essentially. Only later does our mind interpret this experience with its own knowledge. 

Unfortunately, most of the time, we see life through those interpretations and images in our minds. Due to this, our experience becomes limited and flat, disconnected from who we really and the truth of existence. 

Shamanism as a path of transformation

Our life is disconnected from our being, which is the main reason for our suffering, illnesses and dramas. Shamanism, step by step, brings us back to ourselves. It is slowly dissolving everything that holds us back and imprisons us internally.

This is why Shamanism is an alive and powerful path of transformation. It grows and elevates our being, enriching it with new qualities. This path is practical, interactive and experiential. It connects us directly with dynamic and changing life-energy, with our own soul and the essence of who we are.

Shamanism before and now 

In ancient times, Shamans lived in tribes. They would serve others with their knowledge, healing ability spiritual guidance. They cared for the well-being of the whole tribe and followed their soul purpose, to serve humanity.

Today, in modern society, the community around the Shaman is not a tribe. It is a group of people who have chosen that path for their evolution. Shamans do not have to live in nature. They often live in the cities and look like ordinary people. But they serve humanity just like the ancient shamans did.

The work of the Shaman

The work of the Shaman is to bridge the spiritual and the physical world. The Shaman channels the subtle energy of the spirits. He transmits and uses it for the benefit of himself, humanity and the higher purpose.

Different Shamans use different techniques. One of which is, in the Siberian tradition, Shaman beats a drum. During the ritual, he goes to the non-ordinary reality and connects with the spirits for guidance, assistance and healing. The Shaman reaches a higher state of consciousness, and he is able to see the bigger picture of the problem. He can cure and dissolve the karmic blockages and roots of a person’s suffering. 

Shamans assist people in their healing process by sending energy or necessary qualities. He sees how they can evolve and helps to align them with their higher self. 

Entering the Shamanic path 

Being a Shaman is a mission given by God and a response to the deep calling of the soul. Shamanism cannot be performed for individual purposes or as a hobby. It implies always aligning with the higher self and giving yourself entirely into the hands of the Divine Power. 

Studying Shamanism and basic journey techniques is not enough. It requires a deep self-exploration and a lifetime dedication to serve humanity and the higher purpose. It also requires a teacher and initiation to this service.

However, to use Shamanic techniques, we do not have to become Shamans immediately. We all can participate in the shamanic journey and profit from the Shamanic practice. It can bring us healing, good well-being and transformation. Also, it may remove the confusion of the mind and align us with the energy of life. We can find our life purpose and connect with our higher self. We all have the natural Shamanic abilities in the deepest part of us. It’s our intrinsic nature.