Shamanic Death

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Shamanic death ritual

The Shamans are very aware that you will die, not once, not twice, but several times.  I am not referring to physical death because this is one specific kind of ending. I am talking about the experience of any death.

Shamanic death is an ancient practice that brings you this experience straightforwardly, for it is a symbol of your end.

Death is everywhere because it is part of life, and life is everything.

During this practice, the Shamans take you into the forest, dig a hole in the ground and invite you to put your body there. If you agree, you will spend the night alone, in silence, in your grave.

They want you to recognize how much you fear death, and therefore, how strongly you fear life.

To grow, you must die

Shamanic death represents an ending process. It is an inevitable and necessary experience. A reality that you will face countless times in your personal and spiritual path.

You have likely heard that your body renews all of its cells every 7-10 years. That means that part of the human system is dying every day. This process cleans and purifies your body. That is an excellent example of how death is an integral part of life!

What would happen if your body clung to their beloved cells and decided to stop losing them? Well, your body would begin to fade, and your days would soon come to an end.

Similarly, when you become attached to everyday experiences and do not let them go, the vital process of growth and development stagnates.

Everything has an end. If you want to make progress, you have to understand that fully. You must have the physical and mental will to experience the death of your ideas, attachments, patterns, memories, fears, habits, pains and pleasures.

Do you think that loss is scary and avoidable? Then that is the perfect place to start! Say goodbye to this belief!

Shamanic death in daily life

I recommend you the experience of a Shamanic death ritual. But if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry. Just remember, death is an unavoidable experience!

Every day is a new challenge; you have plenty of opportunities to experience the end of the old and the beginning of the unknown, even in your ordinary routine!

There are never two days that are identical. Each day, you experience your body and the environment differently. Your mood is constantly changing, and so is the spirit of those around you. All those external and internal movements create many situations in which you confront your limitations and attachments. Bravo!

When, in your daily life, you face a significant loss, the fear of death may become very intense. For example when you loose a friend, a partner or a relative one. These are probably the most uncomfortable experiences, but without a doubt, they have the highest potential for experiencing Shamanic death.

Remember, the end is necessary and inevitable!

The five fears during Shamanic Death

Maybe you followed a Shaman, went into the forest and buried yourself. Or you were at home and received a call with bad news. You face a dying process in both situations, and you will probably go through many different challenges.

To make the journey a little easier, I share the five main fears you can face during your Shamanic death. Enjoy the trip!

Losing your identity

In your life before, you identified yourself with passing events. When these experiences come to an end, and eventually they do, you feel like your own sense of identity falls apart.

A tremendous feeling of confusion and lack of clarity can occur at this point. It may be very intense, but it is a transitory experience. I invite you to go through it with patience and compassion.

Your true identity is much more than these transitory experiences. You cannot lose it; however, you won’t recognize it until you entirely renounce your attachment.

Losing a loved one

You are the designer of your limitations; your ideas, beliefs and patterns are your creation. Some of them were with you from the very beginning of your life; they have become like an old friend to you. You may not realize it, but you have them in high regard. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be around you.

When you change or remove one of your limitations, it is more than possible to face strong feelings of losing a loved one. As if you have lost something very precious, and there is no way to retrieve it.

In the process of growing, you can’t lose anything; you can only gain. The essence of yourself is always with you. It is your potential, the awareness and your inner spark.

There is no way you can lose the love!

Being alone

You are not alone. You are in constant connection with everything. Try to plug your nose for some minutes, and you will see how strong your relationship is with the air around you.

However, you can isolate and separate your perception of yourself in a way that makes you feel completely disconnected. That is a recurring experience when something dies inside of you.

Every lesson will bring you closer to your limits, and as a result, you will be able to confront your ideas and beliefs about separation and isolation. That is an essential step to transcend the perception of separation and to reach unity.

You are not alone, but you may feel that way.

The vastness

Faced with your Shamanic death, beneath the immense silent sky, you could realize this simple fact: you are very tiny compared to the vastness of creation—a small spot in the void.

What to do? You are constantly involved in your daily human problems, and all of a sudden, you understand how small they are vis-à-vis the power and magnificence of the universe.

This incredible experience generates a new humble and elevated perspective. The small worries become a bit more meaningless after it.

Your eyes go from the ground to the stars; congratulations!

The Unknown

There is no higher challenge for the human mind than facing what is beyond it. However, this is a recurring experience in personal and spiritual development, so you must get used to it!

How do you manage when confronted with doubt and uncertainty? Specific moments in your evolution can be very confusing because you cannot see where you are going. You may feel like every footstep could be the last one.

It may be a very intense experience, which has enormous potential as well. It can ignite confidence in life, which unfolds the capacity to keep walking even in obscurity. This ability will take you beyond the limitations of your perception, far away from the darkness.

Life after death

The sun rises above the horizon, and the ritual finishes. The end is not the end. Every end is a new beginning, something new that comes into your life.

Realization, forgiveness, compassion and power; once you are ready to lose, you are prepared to receive.

All the terrible feelings and intense past experiences are gone, as bad dreams go with the sun. Now the day starts, and you are different, reborn. Ready to face life with gratitude and willingness. Enjoy!


You cannot avoid death. The more you try, the more you waste your energy. You have learned the concept that it is possible to keep certain parts of reality forever, and you strive to make this belief a truth.

Well, you cannot. You came naked to this world, and so, you’ll leave the same. Even your body is a temporal gift of the Earth.

Most of the challenges people face today are related to their inability to accept change and loss. It is an advantage to welcome death. The sooner you become aware of this, the better it will be for your personal and spiritual growth.

May the spirits of the Shamans and the forest be with you, my friend.