6 tips for building a unique brand

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Uniqueness is the main way to generate attraction, and as a person, you are unique! By using the power of your individuality, you will be able to build the most outstanding brand strategy for your business.

In the garden of beautiful flowers

I was spending some days in my mother-in-law’s house, a lovely little place in nature.

The garden of this house was just wonderful. There were many different kinds of flowers, each unique with a singular colour, shape and aroma. However, all of them share the same purpose of attracting insects to pollinate. I tell you; they are definitely attracting plenty of them! Butterflies, bees, wasps and more flying fellows than I can name.

The natural marketing

Each flower is unique and has its own way of attracting and promoting itself. The most exciting thing is that flowers do it naturally; they don’t struggle. They simply exist and know what to do.

That made me think of how easily you can promote yourself through your uniqueness. I realised that you can be natural and generate a powerful attraction at the same time.

We all promote ourselves. We may look for a partner, for a job, or perhaps we are building our business. In any case, promotion is an intrinsic part of life.


The way you shape the identity of your business is known as the branding process. You design a logo, a colour palette, a slogan and so on. It is the personality of your business.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to generate engagement. You want your clients to feel attracted and seduced by the strong personality of your company. They will then trust in your products, and conversion will eventually happen.

The main quality that branding should offer is uniqueness. If you want potential customers to put their attention on you, you have to be different in some way. Especially if you are offering the same thing that other companies are offering. What makes your version special?

For example, you want to open a bakery. There are hundreds out there; why is yours different? Do you bake cakes with particular decorations? Unique flavours? Aimed at certain events? The list goes on.

The natural uniqueness

The ultimate goal of branding is conversion. However, it is not the only one. Your brand has to allow you to express your inner truth.

As a coach, I have often found the same mistake: The entrepreneur tries to design a business identity that doesn’t match their individuality. After some time, the person becomes unable to express themselves through their own project. Then the business becomes something cold, dull and dead. Eventually, they give up or call a coach.

What if the small red flower wants to become long and blue? Of course, it will fail. The red flower is only ready to be red.

What is personal uniqueness?

Your personal uniqueness is your set of skills, capacities and talents that you naturally received from your environment, education, experience or genes.

Maybe you have communications skills, a strong body, a sharp intellect, an elevated sense of joy, mighty willpower and so on.

In short, whatever you do in your life, express your uniqueness to succeed.

If you are:

  • Intrinsically confident, offer confidence.
  • Naturally brave, sell adventure.
  • Effortlessly smart, provide knowledge.

Enjoy and develop other qualities, but do not forget to include those you already own and enjoy expressing.

Building your authentic brand

If you seek to succeed in your project, your branding must be connected with your individuality. This will allow you to enjoy and engage with your task effortlessly. Your unique skills will create the value your project needs.

The key here is to find and recognize your own style. It is not an easy task, it can take some time, but I tell you, it is fundamental. I share five tips that can help you to come closer to your individuality.

Observe yourself

Your uniqueness is in you. Developing capacity of self-observations is fundamental to discover your intrinsic skills and your natural beauty. Both are powerful tools that you will need in order to build and promote your brand.

Ask people around you.

Sometimes, the people around you have the best perspective about you. Ask them what they see in you, your best skills and your weak points, and how they see you in the future.

Ask your family members and friends, collect the information and compare. You may find some very interesting insights about yourself.

Connect with your experience.

Uniqueness is an existential quality. It is not something abstract or conceptual; it is real and it manifests in your daily experience.

Put your attention on your actions, feelings and emotions. What are you usually doing? What do you usually pay attention to? What is your perception of the reality around? What do you often think about? Where are you now and where have you been yesterday? What motivates and inspires you? What are you doing now, and have you done in the morning? 

Your uniqueness is fairly expressed in your daily experiences. Just look at them!

Explore new possibilities.

There is no higher challenge for the human mind than facing what is beyond it. However, this is a recurring experience in personal and spiritual development, so you must get used to it!

How do you manage when confronted with doubt and uncertainty? Specific moments in your evolution can be very confusing because you cannot see where you are going. You may feel like every footstep could be the last one.

It may be a very intense experience, which has enormous potential as well. It can ignite confidence in life, which unfolds the capacity to keep walking even in obscurity. This ability will take you beyond the limitations of your perception, far away from the darkness.

Follow the energy indicators

The sun rises above the horizon, and the ritual finishes. The end is not the end. Every end is a new beginning, something new that comes into your life.

Realization, forgiveness, compassion and power; once you are ready to lose, you are prepared to receive.

All the terrible feelings and intense past experiences are gone, as bad dreams go with the sun. Now the day starts, and you are different, reborn. Ready to face life with gratitude and willingness. Enjoy!

Don’t struggle too much

Uniqueness is intrinsically natural. It happens by itself and requires little effort. That is why it’s so helpful and powerful. You require very little to express and promote yourself through your individuality. If you are struggling too much, it means you are going in the wrong direction. Breathe and try something different.

Remember: you need very little to be authentic; relax, breathe and look without expectations.


The most direct and powerful way to generate attraction is using your natural way of being.

If you are in the branding building stage, you are creating the personality of your business. Don’t forget to connect your own uniqueness with the personality of your project. It is the only way to keep yourself engaged down the way!