How the magic of yoga makes you successful

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300 million people practice Yoga and enjoy the unique values of this ancient tradition.

Especially those who are powerful and successful understand the amazing benefits of this path. Interesting, isn’t it? 

How is it possible that practice with such humble origins has become indispensable for the most influential people?

Yoga is an activity that brings internal freedom. Still, also it enhances all the qualities we need to succeed in our professional and personal adventures.

In this article, you will find the top 5 qualities for success that Yoga helps you develop and maintain.


We live in a world of possibilities. We have more freedom than the kings of 200 years ago. The problem now is how to choose our best path.

After every Yoga practice, you find inner silence. It is the place where important decisions are made! It is a space where you can evaluate, compare and discern efficiently and simply.

Remember, never make essential decisions in a state of confusion! Just 60 minutes of Yoga practice will put your mind in an optimal state of clarity.


Without a calm mind, you can neither celebrate nor enjoy the journey. 

Many people give up because they cannot calm their minds and enjoy the way. They are overfocused on the future and worried about the results. When the mind is agitated, it suffers and does not allow the body to rest. This is one of the significant causes of failure. 

The road to success is a long one, and we must be able to enjoy each day, celebrate victories and rest when necessary. 

When you practice Yoga, you put your mind into a relaxation state that brings enjoyment and rest. 

Enjoyment + rest = Productivity 


Physical health is fundamental to achieving your goals. You cannot be efficient and decisive if your body is not at 100%. 

Prolonged stress and internal tensions can undermine physical well-being and balance. The practice of Yoga is a natural solution to reduce stress levels. 

Breathing control and gentle but prolonged stretches help to release tension and re-oxygenate the body. 

On the other hand, the philosophy of Yoga, specifically Ayurveda, provides conscious eating practices that also favour physical balance. 

To go far, we must first pay attention to what is close to us!


What can we do without energy and motivation?

Of course, nothing!

An unbalanced lifestyle makes you lose energy. Every action, thought, or word requires energy. If we live in constant over-activity, we end up emptying our reserves.

After practising Yoga, your attention is aligned and centred. You are no longer susceptible to external stimuli, and so you recover your resources.

In the world of stimuli, we have to keep our balance to keep moving forward. Otherwise, our attention is scattered, and our energy is low.


Do you know that feeling of being ready for a challenge?

If we want to reach our goals, we have to face obstacles. 

Turtles go very slowly and hide their heads in the face of challenges. We can’t do the same!

To be ready for trouble is to be ready for success. The practice of Yoga gradually brings us to our physical and mental limits. Through this training, we develop the ability to face difficulties without avoiding them.

Among many other things, Yoga teaches you that you cannot hide from your problems. It also trains you to respond to them in a conscious and balanced way.


Many people still think that Yoga is a practice whose sole purpose is inner well-being. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

Suppose your practice is not improving your external life, relationships, work, health, economy, and projects. In that case, you are not doing Yoga!

Inner well-being must be put at the service of the external performance; otherwise, it is just wasted potential.

Health, personal power, clarity, calm mind and confidence; the Yogi enjoys these qualities and uses them to improve his life and the lives of those around him. 

Forget the Yogi who lives in the cave and only chants and meditates! It is an archetype that confuses many people. I invite you to become the proactive Yogi who pursues his dreams with discipline and joy!

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