True Giving: Offering your best value

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Do you want to offer the best value to people possible? Then you have to practice true giving!

The biggest lesson of my childhood

My father used to give me many instructions and jobs to do around the house. One day I asked him why he did not clean the dishes after meals, yet he encouraged me to do so. He answered that I had to do what he said, but not what he was doing: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

My father had excellent intentions, but intentions were not enough. He wanted to teach me the highest lessons possible, but in the end, he gave me what he was; nothing more and nothing less.

This was probably the best lesson I learned in my childhood:

If I wanted to offer one specific set of qualities to the world, first, I should integrate them fully into my own life.

You cannot offer what you lack

If you are happy, you naturally spread joy. If you are scared, you will share the fear. Such actions do not happen consciously or due to your decision. You are constantly sharing what you are, even if you don’t realise it.

Imagine you sell shoes; however, there is not even a single pair of boots in your storage. How could you succeed like this? Many people are stuck because of the following reasons:

  • They try to provide excellence, but they are not demanding on themselves.
  • They want to be recognised as brave, but they avoid intense or risky situations.
  • They want to teach abundance, but they see life from scarcity.

Do not underestimate this lack of coherence. It kills a lot of business, dreams and projects.

The primary condition for faithful giving

To really give something, first, you have to make it your own. Embody the experience you want to offer, include it in your personality, express it every day, in every encounter.

The first step is cultivating in you the higher quality you want to provide.

You can do it as a practice. Ask yourself, what do I truly want to give to the world right now? Choose the essential quality for your life project. It can be power, love, will, wealth, understanding, wisdom, freedom, health. What do you need the most to manifest your life purpose?

Then, cultivate it in your daily life. Spread this quality all-around your daily routine. Identify the areas in your life where you are not applying this high value, and apply changes. Don’t settle for a partial expression of your high values; go beyond and fully embody the highest values of your life. 

6 Indicators of True Giving

Here I share with you six direct indicators of true giving. In short, they are indicators of imminent success:

You give effortlessly.

It is easy. You don’t struggle nor strive when providing. You are not tired nor discouraged after giving. The process of giving is enjoyable and natural for you, like breathing; you can do it again and again, non-stop, with no regrets.Giving out of (good) habit.

You don’t think about it; you just do it. It has become a habit, an intimate part of your personality. You don’t plan how to empower people or how to teach them; you do it out of habit and find your way using your intuition. The conscious mind is almost not involved. Under these conditions, the action of giving becomes an art.

Your life mirrors the values you are offering.

Your whole life is a representation of your values. Look at your habits, way of life, actions, thoughts, feelings, routine, goods and people around you. Do you see there the high value you want to give and share?

People recognise in you the qualities you are giving to them.

In case of doubt, always ask. The people around you may be excellent sources of alternative points of view to find your values and personal qualities. Ask them what they see in you, what your main qualities are and if they could choose one characteristic of you, which one would they take?

Make statistics. Ask several people and compare the answers. Some opinions may be very subjective, so don’t take what they say as 100% true. Just do a bit of research and comparison.

Lastly, observe them, for sometimes it is not even necessary to ask. See what people are like when coming closer to you. Maybe they have fun or feel quiet, curious or supported when spending time with you. You can often just see in the way they hold themselves when close to you as well as when away from you what they honestly think of you.

Have a look at that!

You are ready and willing to give, but you don’t need to prove it.

When you fully own a value or quality, you do not need to prove it. Usually, this happens when there is a lack of something. We try to compensate for this lack by putting the opposite idea in peoples’ minds.

When giving faithfully, you don’t care about what others think about you, your business and what you provide. You are happy and confident, and you share only with those who come to you and are interested.

When giving, you empower yourself.

The main consequence of faithful giving is receiving. You receive a tremendous amount of energy, motivation and power every time you give what you have.

In fact, the more you give, the quality of what you give grows in you, and more significantly, so does the potential to keep sharing. Faithful giving is the perfect practice to scale up your life to the next level.


True giving is the only way for personal and professional success. Many people lose a lot of time looking for complex solutions for this easy and simple problem.

You cannot give what you lack in your life. If you try to do so, your personal or professional project will eventually fail.

Getting ready to give requires being prepared to receive. What you fully welcome in your life, you can fully offer with no effort.

Don’t forget to cultivate in you what you want to offer to others!