What’s stopping you from getting what you want?

Life is a constant challenge, EVEN if you make the right choices and live consistently.

Who is stronger, you or THE OBSTACLE?

Hello, my name is Pablo Leรณn; I am a Master in the art of cultivating power. After years of personal and professional experience as a guide in human and spiritual development, I can ASSURE you of the following:

If you don’t have enough energy to shape your life, your obstacles will shape it.

Do you know what it is to live accidentally? It allows difficulties to divert you from your purpose.

And living on purpose? Living on purpose means OVERCOMING difficulties WITHOUT DEVOURING from your drive.

I know you want to live on purpose. So there we go; what do you need to do it?

First and foremost: PERSONAL POWER.

There are three essential rules that you need to be clear about when working with your power:

  • Power is always connected to a GOAL.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to develop your power without perceiving your weakness.
  • You develop (and lose) power through actions.

In 21 roads to inner power, I have developed these ideas in detail, examples and practices. This method relies on our experience as coaches, guides, spiritual and transformational teachers. To create it, we inspired ourselves using the following sources:

  • Agile coaching techniques.
  • Solution-focused coaching techniques.
  • Mindfulness therapies.
  • Siberian shamanic practices.
  • Yoga: Patanjali Yamas.
  • Gurdjieff Teachings.