30-Day Meditation Program

This is an invitation for people suffering from tension, stress, anxiety or burn-out and who feel confused, without purpose or energy due to lack of stability, and who want to:

– Dissolve worries, doubts, tension and fear to enjoy inner peace.

– Crystallise a state of external clarity and power that allows you to overcome conflicts and negative habits to direct your life where you want.

You will work with me for 30 days on the following:

1) Introduce a daily activation meditation practice to attract the energies you need to succeed in your everyday life. Ideally, this session will last 20-30 minutes and will take place in the morning.

2) Introduce a daily dissolution meditation practice into your routine to create inner silence. Ideally, this practice will last 20-30 minutes and will take place in the afternoon.

3) Create a specific personal work protocol for you to resolve the inner conflicts that are causing stress and tension.

4) Build a roadmap of your life purpose right now, what qualities you need to grow, and how to develop them.

In this program, you will receive online video calls sessions, 60 guided meditations for your practice, my complete meditation framework, specific assignments, and unlimited email and messenger reviews.

The best person for this program:

  • Have experienced an awakening of consciousness that has allowed them to understand that the source of all our problems is in our mind and our perception.
  • Has an open mind to holistic solutions and feels called to introduce the practice of meditation into their life.

The investment for this intensive 30-day program is 800 €.

I have an extension service if you want to continue sessions with me after these 30 days. The price for each extra month will be 500 €.

If you are interested in my 30-day Meditation Journeys, please fill in the form below. I will contact you and have a short chat to confirm that we are a good fit.