Inner Spark Love Pilgrimage: Walking the Camino de Santiago

Embark on a transformative and mystical 8-day pilgrimage on the sacred Camino de Santiago in Spain:

Path of the Pilgrimage: from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela, the last 100km on Camino Primitivo
Dates: 16-23 May 2023
Investment: 650€

  • Walk in harmony with a community of kindred spirits and engage in daily practices and seminars to deepen your understanding of conscious love and relationships.
  • 5 days walking routes ranging from 14 to 23 km through breathtaking landscapes (100km in total).
  • Experience comfort and beauty at our hand-selected accommodations along the route (double rooms).
  • Option of having your luggage transported between hotels for effortless walking.
  • Culminate your journey in the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, visiting the Cathedral and other Sacred sites while celebrating the transformative power of gratitude.

The Intention

Join us on the Inner Spark Love Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago and get ready to transform your love life! We’ll be walking through breath-taking scenery, sharing spiritual teachings and practices, and most importantly, connecting with ourselves and each other on a deep level. This isn’t just a journey, it’s a celebration of love and self-discovery. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and come to experience the transformative power of the Camino de Santiago with us.

For who is this pilgrimage:

This pilgrimage is for everyone who would like to:

  • create happy and harmonious relationship;
  • attract true love;
  • stop repeating the same relationship patterns;
  • rediscover the purpose, passion, and meaning in their relationship;

The Camino

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, is one of the most ancient and mystical pilgrimages in the world. This journey has been taken by millions of people over the centuries, each seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and experience the transformative power of the path.

One of the most special and least known of all the Camino routes is the Camino Primitivo. This route, also known as the Original Way, was the first Camino to Santiago, and it still retains a sense of mystery and power that is truly unique.

You will be part of a tradition that has spanned centuries and touched the lives of countless people.

The power of the Pilgrim

There is nothing more powerful than setting an external goal and aligning that goal with your intention.

This journey is not just a physical one, but also an emotional and spiritual adventure. And with our expertise in conscious living, we’re here to support you on every step.

Imagine yourself walking through the beautiful landscape of Spain, surrounded by people who share your enthusiasm and life purpose. Imagine overcoming your fears, doubts, and blockages as you get closer and closer to the final goal. Isn’t it exciting?

Monika and Pablo

We are spiritual teachers, healers and shamans walking the path of conscious relationship. We can’t wait to guide you through this incredible journey of self-discovery and connection. As a conscious couple, we bring a unique energy to this pilgrimage, providing practices and guidance. We will help you to gain awareness, deeper understanding and connection with your soul.  

Pablo is a native Spanish speaker and if you need, he will help you to communicate with locals.


If you’re considering joining us on this incredible pilgrimage, here’s what you can expect:

  • The pilgrimage will take place from May 16th to May 23rd, 2023.
  • The journey will last 8 days and 7 nights, beginning in Lugo and ending in Santiago de Compostela.
  • We will walk for 5 days, covering approximately 100km with an average of 20km per day.
  • We will make stops for discussions and practices.
  • We will stay in comfortable hotels with double rooms and separate beds, providing a peaceful and relaxing space for reflection.
  • Backpacks can be transported between hotels if desired.
  • We will enjoy the traditional gastronomy of Galicia by eating in local restaurants.


Day 1 – May 16th, 2023: Arrival in Lugo and setting the Intention

On day 1, we will arrive in Lugo and check in to our hotel. We’ll have an opening circle where we’ll introduce ourselves and set our intentions for the journey ahead. It’s a day to initiate our path of St James and to open for transformation. We will also connect with each other, have a tour of the historic city and enjoy a delicious Galician dinner together.

Day 2May 17th: Healing the Past

On the second day, we’ll walk 23 km on the pilgrimage from Lugo to Ferreira. This day’s theme is “Healing the Past Relationships.” In order to create the new, we must first let go of the old. As we walk, we will release the energy of past relationships, making space for the love we truly desire. This day will be a powerful opportunity to heal and leave behind what no longer serves us, moving forward with renewed energy and clarity.

Day 3 – May 18th: Embracing Self-Love and Acceptance

On the third day we will be walking 20 km from Ferreira to Melide. And guess what? This day is all about YOU! It’s time to embrace self-love and acceptance.

We can’t truly love someone else if we first do not love ourselves. So, let’s take this opportunity to get intimate with ourselves and explore the depths of our hearts. As we walk through the stunning landscapes, we will be cultivating a deep sense of self-love and acceptance that will set the foundation for joyful and conscious relationships in the future.

Day 4 May 19th: Self-Expression and Communication

On this day, we will walk 14 km from Melide to Arzúa. Our theme for the day is “Self-Expression and Communication.” We will focus on identifying and releasing blockages that keep us from expressing ourselves fully and authentically. By cultivating conscious communication skills, we will create a foundation for joyful and conscious relationships.

Day 5 – May 20th: Cultivating the Onome

On the fifth day, we will walk 19 km from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo, while focusing on creating Onome – the archetypal, Ideal love relationship that you want to have in your life. We will connect with our highest intentions and aspirations, and stay focused on cultivating the conscious, joyful love that we desire.

Day 6 – May 21th: The Inspired Roadmap

On that day we will walk from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela, covering a total of 20 km. We will open ourselves for inspiration and guidance, and our goal will be to discover specific actions that we can take in the coming weeks to manifest the love we desire, whether it’s with a current partner or a new one. As we walk, we will connect with the powers of manifestation and channel the energy of action and change.

Day 7 – May 22th: Celebration in Santiago

On the final day of our Inner Spark Love Pilgrimage, we will find ourselves in the ancient city of Santiago de Compostela. Here we will offer our experience to the highest and seek the blessings of this sacred place. Together, we will visit the cathedral and other holy sites, connecting with the power of the divine and reflecting on our transformative journey. This day will be about celebrating the growth and change we have experienced on this pilgrimage and cultivating a deep sense of gratitude.

Day 8 – 23 May: Traveling back from Santiago to our homes

Traveling and meeting point

We will meet on 16 May in Lugo. Here’s a list of transportation options to get to Lugo for the Inner Spark Love Pilgrimage:

  • Santiago de Compostela Airport: Has direct bus connections to Lugo, with a travel time of approximately 1.5 hours.
  • A Coruña Airport: Has direct bus connections to Lugo, with a travel time of approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Oviedo Airport: Has direct bus connections to Lugo, with a travel time of approximately 4 hours.
  • Vigo Airport: Has direct bus connections to Lugo, with a travel time of approximately 4 hours.
  • Madrid Airport: Take a train or bus to Lugo, with a travel time of approximately 6 hours. Note that there is a train service disruption on one part of the journey, which requires taking a connecting bus provided by the train company.

You can check bus connections in this site: https://www.alsa.es/, and the trains connection here: https://venta.renfe.com/


If you’re interested in joining this transformative journey, here’s what you need to know:

  • The trip costs €650 per person.
  • A deposit of €300 is required to reserve your spot.
  • The price covers the cost of organization, accommodation for 7 nights with 3 breakfasts included and all spiritual practices and seminars during the pilgrimage.
  • The total amount must be paid before April 30th.
  • There are only 8 spots available, so act fast!

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about availability, please contact us at pablo@innersparklife.com. We’ll be happy to provide you with more details about the organization and payment for the trip.

To register, simply fill out the form below with your information.

16 May 2023 — 23 May 2023
10:00 am — 11:00 am (168h 59′)

Galicia (Spain)

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