Inner Spark’s Equinox Ritual

Welcome, dear ones, to Inner Spark’s shamanic healing ritual for the spring equinox of 2023. This sacred event is designed for those who seek to heal and purify their past, and create a better future for themselves and their relationships.

Whether you’re single and looking to attract true love, or you’re in a relationship but feel the weight of past experiences and habits holding you back from deepening your connection, this ritual is for you. It’s also for those who are going through a period of separation, seeking support to heal from emotional pain and create a brighter future.


The spring equinox is a powerful event filled with energy and potential. It’s a time of transition from the winter, which represents the past and the static, to the new life and connection of spring. This transition offers a unique opportunity to use this moment of power to heal and let go of the past.

During this shamanic healing ritual, we’ll harness the energy of the equinox to release any emotions that are still holding us back – fear, shame, guilt, rejection, or anguish – connected to past experiences. This is the perfect moment to let go of the past and enter the new period of spring with positive energy, cleansed and ready to create a new future.

By letting go of the past and healing any emotional wounds, we’ll be able to move forward into the future with freedom and confidence. This allows us to create new, positive experiences, to build new relationships, and to deepen existing ones with love, connection, and vulnerability.

The Ritual

During this shamanic healing ritual, you’ll be guided on a journey of transformation and healing, connecting with the deepest parts of your being. Through the power of shamanic healing, you’ll liberate emotions and release them through your movements, your voice, and your breath. You’ll connect with your primal essence, your deepest desires, and your true self, unlocking your full potential for love and connection.


This shamanic healing ritual will take place on Sunday, March 19th, 2023, at 5:00 pm Brussels time. The cost per person is โ‚ฌ39, and payment must be made in advance online to reserve your spot.

Once you’ve made your payment and reserved your spot, you’ll receive an email with all the details about the ritual, including the location.

Join us on this powerful shamanic healing journey, and allow yourself to be guided into a world of magic, transformation, and connection. May you experience the fullness of life and love, shed the layers of the past, and step into the new season with joy, confidence, and purpose.

Monika & Pablo

We are Pablo and Mรณnica, the guides who will lead you on this transformative journey of healing and connection. Inner Spark is our project, a calling to support, inspire, and guide those who seek to bring love, intimacy, and conscious connection into their lives and relationships.

Our focus is on the tantra and yoga traditions, with a special emphasis on the tantric approach to relationships. We also draw on the shamanic traditions to bring a deeper level of healing to our work. We left our previous careers as an engineer and a lawyer to follow our passion for spirituality and personal development.

Our intention is to create a space of intimacy and connection in our own lives, and Inner Spark is the manifestation of that intention. We are here to serve the souls who seek to experience love and connection in this world, and we are honored to guide you on this journey of transformation.

19 March 2023
5:00 pm — 8:05 pm (3h 5′)

Woluwe Saint Pierre (Brussels)

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