FREE Inner Spark Hike: Law of attraction

In ancient traditions, wise men and magicians used to go to nature ONLY if they had an intention. Do you know why?

Because nature is a place of power, it provides energy, inspiration, health, and understanding about life processes.

What if you go to the gym, to the university or your job without any intention? You will not enjoy the benefits that these powerful places can offer you!

Come with us to the FOREST and bring your highest INTENTIONS!

The Laws of Attraction

You may have started to notice a pattern in your experiences:  Situations repeat themselves?, the same types of people come into your life? What is happening? Is the universe playing tricks on us?

The law of attraction teaches us that nothing that happens in our lives is accidental.

Hello, my name is Pablo. I am a personal and spiritual development teacher at Inner Spark, and I am passionate about the laws of manifestation and attraction.

How can we attract what we want? Why do we often end up attracting hard realities or situations? The answer is:

It all depends on our physical, mental, emotional and energetic state. When we learn to master our inner state, we can attract in a conscious way.

Thousands of people worldwide are starting to learn about this discipline to attract the best opportunities.

Do you want to learn how to attract what you need in your life consciously?

I invite you to join us on our walk in the forest. We are going to share this exciting topic and try to answer the classic questions:

Why does the same thing always happen to me?

Why do the same types of people always come into my life?

Why do I always attract the same kind of partner?

How can I attract something different?

I want to attract wealth, fame, lovers and 2 Ferraris, can I do it?

The event is FREE
We will do a circular route in the Foret de Soigne.
Starting/ending spot:
Starting time: 11:00
Ending time: 16:00-17:00

The rain WON鈥橳 STOP US (Be waterproof, my friend)
We may cancel the hike in case of dramatic weather conditions (wind, thunder and/or acid rain). You will receive the proper notification at least one hour before the starting time.

What to bring:
– warm, comfortable hiking clothes
– water and food for the breaks
– raincoat (check forecast)

28 November 2021
11:00 am — 3:00 pm (4h)


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