Spark Hike: Money and abundance in the woods

In ancient traditions, wise men and magicians used to go to nature ONLY if they had an intention. Do you know why?
Because nature is a place of power, it provides energy, inspiration, health, and understanding about life processes.
What if you go to the gym, to the university or your job without any intention? You will not enjoy the benefits that these powerful places can offer you!
Come with us to the FOREST and bring your highest INTENTIONS!


Have you realized HOW TERRIBLE MONEY IS?
It corrupts people.
It generates inequality.
Promotes materialism.
Raises envy and suspicion.
It generates limitations and scarcity.
It causes stress and anxiety.
It feeds vain illusions that lead nowhere.
And… is dirty (Wash your hands after touching it!).

I will rectify: Can you observe how negative our perception of money is? We have turned it into a TABOO! We are afraid of its presence and also its absence!

We don’t feel comfortable talking about it, or handling it, or thinking about it.

I ASK YOU: How do you think your perception of money affects your ability to attract it?

I salute you. My name is Monika, co-founder of Inner Spark, spiritual guide and personal coach. I have been working personally and professionally with the energies associated with money and abundance for years, and I am going to share with you a powerful idea:

You cannot attract material abundance if you don’t develop a healthy relationship with money: no fear, no guilt, no judgement.

Money is nothing more than what YOU WANT IT TO BE, just like everything else.

In this meeting, we are going to meet in nature, and we are going to create awareness, share experiences and practices to:

Discover what your true perception of money is.
Understand how the perception of money affects your solvency.
Learn ways to improve your relationship with money to ENJOY and ATTRACT it.

Money is the physical manifestation of our personal power.

Being successful with money means BEING AT PEACE WITH IT. GIVE IT and RECEIVE IT without regrets. And as you may have already imagined, this is INDISPENSABLE to be successful in our society, because money is necessary for almost everything.

I invite you to join us in our practice in the forest. Bring your best intentions and your determination. Share with the group and ask me anything you want.

The event is FREE
We will do a circular route in the Foret de Soigne.
Starting/ending spot:
Starting time: 11:00
Ending time: 16:00-17:00

The rain WON鈥橳 STOP US (Be waterproof, my friend)
We may cancel the hike in case of dramatic weather conditions (wind, thunder and/or acid rain). You will receive the proper notification at least one hour before the starting time.

What to bring:
– warm, comfortable hiking clothes
– water and food for the breaks
– raincoat (check forecast)

24 October 2021
11:00 am — 3:00 pm (4h)


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