Spark Hike: Your Life Purpose

In ancient traditions, wise men and magicians used to go to nature ONLY if they had an intention. Do you know why?

Because nature is a place of power, it provides energy, inspiration, health, and understanding about life processes.

What if you go to the gym, to the university or your job without any intention? You will not enjoy the benefits that these powerful places can offer you!

Come with us to the FOREST and bring your highest INTENTIONS!

Manifestation (first step)

You can create. Your whole life experience is your work of art.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your whole life experience? Then you are prepared to create.

Hello, my name is Pablo. Years ago, I started to STUDY and APPLY the laws of manifestation to transform my life. Do you know what I wanted to achieve? I tried to redesign my life to allow me to EXPRESS MY TRUTH through my day to day life.

Now I live in another country, dedicate myself entirely to personal and spiritual development, and share my life with a beautiful partner who CHASES the same as I do. That is my work of art (unfinished, by the way).

Let me ask you, what is the life you are creating like?

I can’t share with you the whole process of manifestation in a few lines, BUT I can tell you what the first step is:

PURPOSE is the origin of all creation.

Can you imagine a painting without purpose?

Or a bridge that leads nowhere?

When your purpose is diffuse and alien, you generate an erratic reality that makes you feel disconnected. Sound familiar?

I bet you want to manifest a reality full of PASSION, INSPIRATION and JOY. To achieve this, you need, FIRST of all, to find your purpose.

I invite you to join us in the forest, where we will enjoy nature and share to try to answer the big questions:

How can we find our purpose?

How do we know if we have chosen the proper direction?

How to differentiate our path among so many possibilities?

Is it possible to have more than one life purpose?

What do I do if my intention seem to be unattainable?

The event is FREE
We will do a circular route in the Foret de Soigne.
Starting/ending spot:
Starting time: 11:00
Ending time: 16:00-17:00

The rain WON鈥橳 STOP US (Be waterproof, my friend)
We may cancel the hike in case of dramatic weather conditions (wind, thunder and/or acid rain). You will receive the proper notification at least one hour before the starting time.

What to bring:
– warm, comfortable hiking clothes
– water and food for the breaks
– raincoat (check forecast)

14 November 2021
11:00 am — 3:00 pm (4h)


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