Making Decision Seminar: The Step by Step Guide to Avoid Wrong Choices

I CHOOSE, therefore I am.

Did you notice that you are making decisions every single second? Even when you don’t choose, you CHOOSE not to CHOOSE.Our life relies upon our choices, and IF we want to succeed, we have to master the art of decision making.Hi, I’m Monika, co-founder of Inner Spark. I have dedicated my life to personal and spiritual development, and after years of experience, I can tell you this:

ALL practices and exercises of any tradition or school are meant to empower and educate you to MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.

What stands between you and what you want to achieve is ONLY YOUR DECISIONS.

Remember, by making the wrong decision:
• You invest your energies in non-priority activities.
• You miss windows of opportunity.
• You waste time.
• You set aside YOUR true path.
• You feed unhealthy habits.In this Seminar, I will share with you the keys to identify the winning choice. You will learn how to:• Elevate your state of mind to decide constructively.
• Avoid reactive decisions.
• Avoid decisions that feed NEGATIVE HABITS and LIMITATIONS.
• Manage the wrong decision to minimize its negative impact.

Deciding is a holistic process, affecting and changing your ENTIRE system. If you choose to go right, YOUR WHOLE SELF goes right.

Because of this, you must learn to make COMPREHENSIVE DECISIONS, where all the elements are included.I invite you to join us, learn, share and ask me whatever you want during this Masterclass. It will be a WISE DECISION!

This is an Online Seminar.

Link to Zoom session:
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83527561711You will need something to write down.

Please, join the zoom Session 10 min before the starting time.

21 October 2021
7:00 pm — 8:30 pm (1h 30′)


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