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Do you have problems in your life? Dissatisfaction, stress or confusion? Do you want to BREAK your limitations and REACH the ultimate freedom?

Don’t worry; I have a solution for you: LEAVE EVERYTHING and go to the cave and meditate for ten years.
Too much?

Ok, I understand you have things here that need your attention: Relationships, family, job, responsibilities and so on. If that is the case: WHAT TO DO? How can you bring evolution and development to your life INTO the constant day-to-day activity?

If you are ACTIVE and ENGAGED with life in your environment, you have to:
• Take action
• Share the space and time with MANY PEOPLE
• Face responsibilities
• Manage unpleasant behaviours
• Make MONEY
• Manage family situations

How to maintain PEACE AND INTEGRITY amid such a storm? I will tell you how:
You have to use your best (and almost only) weapon: YOUR LIFE PASSION

When you are totally disconnected from your life passion, you become weak, and EVERY little obstacle stops you and make you suffer.

Have you ever realized how INVULNERABLE you are when you are dedicated to your passion?

At this moment, there is no guilt, fear, insecurity, frustration or dissatisfaction. You are enjoying yourself!

In this Masterclass, I will share knowledge and tools about:
• The essence of the ACTIVE life.
• Consequences of a life disconnected from passion.
• The benefits of pursuing activities you are passionate about.
• Why is passion gone? How to bring it back?
• How to use your passion to BOOST your Personal and Spiritual Development.

In short, we CAN NOT leave everything and go to the cave, and meditating one hour a day is NOT ENOUGH.

Come to our FREE masterclass and LEARN the keys to USE your daily activity to boost your personal and spiritual evolution!

Seminar Structure:

  1. Presentation (30 to 40 min)
  2. Practice: Bring back your passion (20 min)
  3. Discussion and questions: You are welcome to share and ask.

This is an Online Masterclass.
You will need something to write down.
Please, join the zoom Session 10 min before the starting time.

7 October 2021
3:00 pm — 4:30 pm (1h 30′)


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