Coexistance is not Partnership

Coexisting until 80 years old under the same roof with salads of complaints and soups of monotony is not a successful love relationship.

This idea comes from way back, and many people still believe that “If you’re together, you’re good”.

Or… “If you manage to sleep in the same bed, you are a successful couple…”

This is why people stop CARING about their relationship once they get engaged and start living together. They think the HARDEST thing is already done; they relax and focus on other things.

As if the relationship will evolve and beautify itself.

Nothing that you leave unattended grows and develops.

A good example is your body. If you leave it without activity, it weakens and shuts down.

The same goes for any relationship, friends or family. If you want to UNLEASH the full potential of your union with your partner, you have to understand that coexisting is not enough.

There are 3 key elements you should have to ensure that your relationship is on-going:

Emotional exchange: Don’t just share mechanical and survival activities. Find something you like to do, something you both enjoy doing, and do it.

Emotional exchange is key to releasing tension and keeping the spark going. It is the necessary counterpoint to mechanical exchange. It brings presence, and we have growth, evolution and joy.

Polarity: Bring everything that differentiates you to the table. It will fuel the engine of your relationship. Don’t be afraid that your differences will drive you apart. They will actually make you stronger, more resilient and more determined.

It is when we can integrate the differences that we overcome ourselves.

Different thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, plans, expectations, moods… everything!

Purpose: Just as the purpose of our individuality is not to SURVIVE, the purpose of the couple cannot be to COEXIST. The union of the masculine with the feminine has a higher purpose, and we need to recognise and honour it.

The purpose can be external or internal. It can lead us to conquer the material world or to conquer our inner worlds. Life naturally will show us the way.

If all those people living in a mechanical relationship understood the sublime ecstasy of true union, they would drop all the petty stuff and work on their relationship today!

The world would become a much more welcoming place.

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