Drum Meditations

Drum Meditations

Discover Your Inner Self with Our Recorded Guided Journeys from Live Sessions

Discover Your Inner Self with Our Recorded Guided Journeys from Live Sessions

The perfect silence where you find your truth

Relax and let the drum dissolve the noise and show you your inner silence. Look your truth in the eyes and let it transform you.

Become the mountain

Connect with the solid spirit of the rock and the mountain. Stability and grounding. Become serene and steadfast.

Clear your path of tension and doubts

Let the drum dissolve the tension and doubts. Clear your path and walk again with confidence.

Cleaning Negativity and Mechanical Inner Dialogue

This is a journey of purification for the mind. Reconnect with silence and creative thinking!

Full Moon Geminis

Experience the power of the air and the ever-changing with the power of the Moon in Gemini

Lovingly Observing Your Inner Self

Rediscover the beauty of the world by experiencing the one that resides within you.

Relaxation and forgiveness

Relax and let go of what no longer serves you. Forgive it so that it dissolves into silence.

The Silent Awakening

Wake up in your inner silence with this solo drum journey

New moon of Scorpio

Go within, relax your being, and journey to your center to set the intention for the new cycle that begins.

Dissolving the Walls of the Heart

Relax your heart and dissolve fear, doubt, and lack of confidence. Feel connection and intimacy once again.

Opening our vulnerable vault

Let the drum break down the defenses and make you feel your most sensitive and vulnerable side.

First November

Live the process of death and rebirth. Let go of what no longer serves, and celebrate life and the new.

Accepting the Darkness

Embrace your shadow, transform it into power, vitality, and confidence through this journey of transmutation.

Deep Relaxation

Let go of physical, mental, and emotional tension and enjoy floating in this sea of silence.

Giving is Receiving

Engage in this journey in an intimate relationship with creation. Give to receive, and receive to give.

Grounding Wild Power

Ground yourself in the power of nature and awaken your inner fire.

Witness of the Highest

Connect with your higher self, understand your purpose, your path, and the meaning of your life.

Journey of trust

Trust in life and in others, and feel safe, at home, and protected as you walk your path.

Heartful Perception

Move your point of perception and perceive beauty and potential in your life just as it is now.

Touching the Heart

Awaken the unconditional joy of your heart and turn it into your path.

Journey to the Underworld

Face, acknowledge, and dissolve what stands between you and your highest aspirations.

Shamanic Death

This is a journey of death and rebirth so that you can let go of what no longer serves you.