Drum Journey: A Dance with Your Inner Self


July 29


05:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Inner Spark

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Inner Spark Venue

Av des Franciscains 22, ground floor, 1150 Brussels

Brussels, BE, 1150

Multiple Dates
A Dance with Your Inner Self


Enter a magical realm of self-discovery with our “Drum Journey” – an immersive group gathering where we dance with our inner selves to the rhythmic heartbeat of drums. The Drum Journey is more than an event; it’s a transformative voyage where we peel away the layers of our outward persona, allowing us to express freely and connect profoundly with our true essence. With the drum’s hypnotic music as our guide, we embark on an adventure into uncharted corners of our consciousness, seeking peace, power, and purpose.


Our enchanting Drum Journey warmly welcomes those feeling the pinch of stress, anxiety, and negativity or those navigating life’s turbulent waters of transition. This experience is equally inviting for brave explorers longing for a personal, unfiltered experience of their true being.


Through the Drum Journey, you are invited to release the heaviness of unexpressed emotions, fears, and thoughts, making way for the joyous lightness of tranquility. But the magic doesn’t stop there! This experience acts as a compass, guiding you to the heart of your essence, where you can reconnect with your life’s purpose, power, and love. This is where you will learn to truly celebrate life and find inspiration to shape an even brighter, grander future.


Our Drum Journey is a symphony of experiences, spanning over three magical hours:

Warm Welcome (30 mins): A cozy circle where we learn about each other, laugh together, and set personal intentions for this magical adventure.

Energy Awakening (45 mins): Gentle practices to ignite our body and mind, preparing us for the unforgettable journey ahead.

Drum Voyage (60 mins): The core of the experience. As we play the drums and connect with the energy field, participants are encouraged to connect with their deepest selves, expressing their energy freely and creatively.

Circle of Reflection (30 mins): A nurturing space for sharing and understanding our experiences. This helps us integrate our discoveries into our day-to-day lives.


The Drum Journey takes place in our beautifully serene home-ashram located in the tranquil oasis of Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels. It’s a magical place imbued with a richly calming energy, an ideal setting for deep connection. Our home is lovingly furnished with a spiritually potent altar, displaying powerful objects representing Buddhist, Yogic, and Shamanic traditions.


We are Monika and Pablo, the heart and soul behind Inner Spark. As certified mindfulness practitioners with a decade-long experience working with ancestral traditions, we are devoted to bringing these unique, transformative experiences to you in a format that is as straightforward as it is profound.


We stay with you beyond the Drum Journey. For the following week after the experience, we remain open to any conversations, reflections, or inquiries you may want to share with us. We are here, offering our support as you integrate this profound experience into your life.


To ensure a warm, intimate experience, we limit each Drum Journey to a maximum of 6 explorers. Book your spot early and join us on this magical journey.

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