Drum Therapy Brussels


July 12


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

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Inner Spark

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Inner Spark Venue

Av des Franciscains 22, ground floor, 1150 Brussels

Brussels, BE, 1150

Transform Stress into Inner Peace

Join us at our House-Ashram in Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels, for a Drum Therapy Circle. This immersive experience combines the rhythm of the drum with guided instructions to help reduce stress and anxiety. In this calming environment, discover a new path towards personal growth and mental health.

Who is this for:

This event is designed for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, or fear. It’s a welcoming space for those seeking alternative healing methods and new approaches to manage their emotions and challenges.


This therapy session offers a respite from stress and anxiety. It’s an opportunity to navigate intense experiences and work towards personal growth. Participants can expect to find relaxation and empowerment, providing increased freedom to manage mental health challenges.


The session begins with a brief introduction and explanation (20 min), followed by the drum therapy (30-40 min). We close with a period for sharing experiences, asking questions, and summarizing the session (30 min).


The event will be held at our House-Ashram in the peaceful neighbourhood of Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels. The location is easily accessible, just a short distance from Woluwe Park and within walking distance of the bus line 36 and the Hankar stop.


The session will be guided by Pablo León, a spiritual guide and coach, and his partner Monika Marek. Pablo combines practices from A Course in Miracles and the Siberian Shamanic tradition to craft this unique experience.


After the event, participants will be invited to join our community, where we continue to share meditations, learning resources, and information about Inner Spark activities.

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