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What is healing?

Healing is the action of cleaning and closing your inner wounds, which come from emotional and psychosocial injuries.

Every experience you have generates an imprint in your mind. If the experience is strong and traumatic, this imprint will be powerful. These powerful impressions change how you look at life and at yourself. In other words, they bring new boundaries.

During your childhood, you went through many new experiences. All have built up the personality you have now: beliefs, thoughts and mindset. Having a personality is not bad. However, is your current character compatible with joy, success and development? If the answer is no, healing is the key. It is the tool that will free you from your past and allow you to change your mind completely.

Healing is a matter of acceptance.

How it works?

Healing is a matter of acceptance.

The source of every wound is rejection. When you reject a painful experience, it goes directly to your unconscious mind. That way, it remains with you and conditions all of your decisions and thoughts. Thus, rejected experiences limit you. As you can imagine, this doesn’t lead you to freedom at all. In fact, by living in denial, you restrict yourself from new experiences and feelings. You become a slave to your unconscious mind. But don´t worry! Now you know, you can switch the direction, no more rejection!

During a healing process, some of these feelings manifest themselves in the conscious mind. Then, internally, through acceptance and forgiveness, you get rid of these limiting impressions forever. They burn in the fire of your consciousness. You experience them fully, without rejection or attachment, and they disappear without a trace.

Your healing process is up to you. The decision and the intention have to come from you.

There are many specific ways to heal, but the fundamental basis of them is above. Externally, you can meditate, dance, go into a trance, use stones, chant mantras or whatever you need to connect with your subconscious. Up to you, find your way! The most important thing is that you do not reject any thoughts or feelings.

Who can heal you?

Your healing process is up to you. The decision and the intention have to come from you.

It is not something that you will do only once in a while. At present, in our evolution, it is increasingly common to face many different healing processes. Every day you will close new wounds of your unconscious mind, so building a healing mindset is very important!

I will be clear: you have to take full responsibility for your healing process. The process will be successful thanks to your decision, intention and effort. If you need help, then you will be able to receive extra external support. You can use objects of power, for example, stones and amulets. Likewise, you may contact healers and spiritual guides. Or you can connect with the higher wisdom to ask for help and support. All of these sources will bring extra energy to you and will provide you with adequate service. Like anything else, healing requires energy!

But all this external support will be useless if you don’t fully commit to the purpose of bringing light and love to your body and mind. Be your own healer!

Healing is not something that you will do once in a while. Building a healing mindset is very important!

Does every intense experience requires healing?

In short, if you go through the experience consciously, you won´t keep any painful memory in your body-mind system, which means that it does not continue to affect you.

Suppose you have a powerful presence and have developed the qualities of forgiveness and acceptance, in other words, the quality of an observer. In that case, you will manage to go through intense experiences without being affected. It will be like walking in the mist for a while!

However, if you don’t develop the quality of an observer, you won’t be able to go through intense experiences consciously. Then, the trace of the incident will remain in your unconscious mind until you can revisit and heal it. It can take minutes or years.

Do I need to revisit the past?

All the healing processes happen in the present. The pain, and the source of the pain, are always in the present. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to reach them!

In the process of revisiting your unconscious mind, specific memories may come to you. These memories are part of the present moment since you experience them now!

It is not necessary to identify or remind yourself of the specifics of the past situation. It may happen; it may not. Sometimes it is enough to go through the feelings and emotions that arise. Other times, the origin of the wound will appear clearly in your mind during the healing process. In this way, you experience how the pain fades and eventually disappears completely as you review the traumatic experience within you.

Once you expand your healing skills, the process will be softer and smoother. You will realize that each of these processes is nothing but accumulated energy that has to be released.