What manifestation means?

To manifest means to create. It is an expression of existence itself.

You are the creator of your reality. You manifest your outer environment and who you truly are in this world. Your life is itself a manifestation.  What you create depends on your choices. However, those choices can be unconscious or conscious.

Unconscious Manifestation 

When you are unconscious, creation happens mechanically and depends on your conditioning. What you chose is determined by your mental programs, thoughts and emotions. Their energetic vibration attracts similar circumstances into your life and influences your internal state. If your thoughts are negative – they attract a negative reality. When you are unconscious, you cannot differentiate between what happens to you and your contribution to it.

Conscious Manifestation

Once you realise the connection between external reality and the condition of your mind, you can start manifesting consciously. What is essential here is to raise the vibration of your energy. Every negative thought and emotion lowers this vibration. By changing your thoughts and feelings, and directing them towards your dreams, you can allow a different reality to enter your life, one that is more aligned with what you really want.

Every day you are manifesting your external and internal reality.

What to manifest?

Right now, you are manifesting many things in your life. However, not all of them will make you happy and fulfilled. For example, you can manifest success, money, house and fame, and yet you still feel empty inside. Why? This happens when your achievements are motivated by your ego.

Manifesting from your ego 

When your desires come from a lack of fulfilment and insufficiency inside of you, it means you are manifesting from your ego. You feel that you don’t have enough, and you think you need these things to be happy.

This state of unfulfillment will go with you along the manifestation process. The journey to the goal will not be pleasant, and success will not make you happy. You will arrive only at the well-known feeling of dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfilment. Due to this, you will continue to look for yourself in other non-permanent things, achievements and situations, in all your illusions.

So, what to manifest? 

Manifesting from your essence

First of all, be sure that your dreams do not come from your mind but the more profound, conscious part of you. For this, you need to be present and aware, as well as do not let yourself be influenced by the conditioning of your family and society. You need to realise the essence of who you truly are, without outside influences. There is something in you that wants to flourish and express itself. It’s a deep longing of your soul. Listen to it. It’s the best possible life you can have and the best possible you. Find your life purpose through inspiration.

Manifesting becomes a self-development path only when you embody your true unique longings. Don’t forget this! In this case, you will enjoy all the steps you will take, and you will flourish from the beginning to the end of the path.

There is something in you that wants to flourish and express itself. It’s a deep longing of your soul.

How does manifestation work?

The manifestation techniques are based mainly on affirmation, visualizations and taking actions. Additionally, they are accompanied by an emotional state. Also, you need to let go of the outcome. All the ingredients are necessary in order to succeed. 


Affirmation is putting thought out into the universe. It is a creative, non-conditioned thought which is a statement. This statement needs to be in the present tense and needs to express your dream, as though it has already manifested. For example: “I am a successful writer.” There’s no willpower here, but just stating a fact.

This statement has to be supported by your faith and accompanied by your feelings. It would be best if you believed that the words that you are speaking are true and feel their meaning already into all the cells of your body. Getting the entire experience of being a successful writer is a necessary ingredient in the manifestation process. You have to feel the effect of this manifestation in your being, the fulfilment.


It would help if you additionally created a vision board, which represents your dream or purpose. This is made out of words or images. You can draw the symbol of your success and visualise all the aspects of it. Again, you need to feel inside of you, the reality of your fulfilled purpose.

Letting go

Use the affirmation and visualisation manifestation techniques for a limited time, for example, 10-15 minutes a day during a week for ten days. Then you need to let go of it completely. Do not carry it out in your mind. It’s done. Now it’s time for action.


It’s not enough to just make affirmations and to visualise. You need to act. It’s an essential part of the manifestation process. You need to fully engage in the activities directed to your goal and let go of the desired outcome. This means do not constantly check your results. Instead, focus on the present moment, these actions will get you empowered. It’s also crucial that you act with joy. Observe yourself. If you can enjoy all the steps you are taking, you will know you are on the right journey. If you cannot appreciate them, it means that you are on the wrong path.

How to deal with rejection and obstacles? Perseverance is the best approach.

Obstacles in the manifestation process

Even if you are very good at manifestations, you will meet obstacles and challenges during your journey. They are essential parts of life, you cannot avoid them.

How to deal with rejection and obstacles? Perseverance is the best approach. Do not immediately give up. If you love what you are doing and it’s what really fulfils you, do not get discouraged after the first hindrances. When the obstacles arise, stay alert and really look at them. Find a way to use them, or perhaps see if there is anything you can do about them. Perhaps you can change your approach? Keep faith in your purpose because faith activates and empowers your manifestation process. If you can enjoy the steps, you can also cope with the obstacles that arise during your journey.

When is the manifestation method not working?

There are many reasons why the manifestation techniques may not work. I give some examples below:

Unconscious patterns, conditioning and habitual thought processes hinder your manifestation.

Observe your thoughts. You may have unresolved unconscious patterns in your mind or negative thoughts or ideas that conflict with your affirmation. You may be sabotaging yourself. Your unconscious thoughts may be saying the opposite of what your affirmation is saying.

You don’t have faith in your affirmation, and you do not sense it.

You may state affirmation mechanically without being able to feel it fully in your being, nor believing that it is or can be true.

You are criticising, making others wrong and complaining.

The more you care about your ego, the less effective you become in your ability to manifest. If you repeat your affirmation for a few minutes through your day, and yet for the rest of the day you just criticise and complain, your energy will drop and your vibration will not match the high vibration of your affirmation.

Keep faith in your purpose because the faith is activating and empowering your manifestation process.

You overdo your affirmation.

You should repeat the affirmation for a while and let it go. If you overdo it, it has a counterproductive effect. There is a time gap between affirmation and the manifestation itself. However, it’s important not to become negative during this time.

The “I knew it wasn’t going to work” approach.

When you try the manifestation technique and you do not believe it’s going to work. That will become true for you, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy effect.

Habitual negative thoughts

You may have deep-rooted negative thoughts about yourself, about the world in general or about other people. You also may be trapped in a different kind of self-identity. If you are stuck in a victim identity, believing that you are a victim and you blame others for the way your life is, it will prevent you from any true achievement in life.

Is manifestation important?

Affirmations or visualisations cannot bring about spiritual awakening. Anything that you attain or achieve in this world is limited and will eventually come to an end. Even if you become a master of manifestation, you will be unhappy if you follow your ego. It will be because you placed your expectations in the external world.

But once you realise it and detach from the outcome, affirmations and manifestations can work for you. They can help you to build the life you want and to grow through it. So, you will grow internally, not only in the external reality.

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