Inner Spark Meditation Circle Brussels


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Every Wednesday 19:30 CEST in Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels

This is an invitation for you, ambitious and awakened person, who is tired of the endless Groundhog Day and wants to:

  • Attract great opportunities into your life.
  • Seize those opportunities ruthlessly.

Our Inner Spark Meditations are specifically DESIGNED to unfold the power of your unconscious mind.

And they require nothing more than a chair and 20 min of your time. This is the most straightforward way of reaching the root of your blockages and dissolving them for good.

After the practice, when you open your eyes, you will feel like:

“Wow, something has changed, everything looks different, and I did nothing!”

Our method is designed to work for you while you comfortably follow the guided journey.

And this year, our meditation circles are focused on dissolving the 6 limiting self-sabotage programs so your energy will shine and attract the opportunities you seek.

These programs keep most people in a systemic state of weakness and doubt. We received them in our childhood, and they are engraved in our unconscious minds.

If you want to know more about how these programs limit our lives and understand how our meditation practices work, download our pdf guide HERE.