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What is life purpose?

The purpose of life is the most desired experience in this world. The main driving force, the idea that inspires and energises you the most. It comes from you, and it is authentic and unique. You cannot take it from others, nor give it to others. It is your answer to the big question: What do I want to do with my life?

You will need the enthusiasm to connect with your life purpose. Joy, creativity and goals are interconnected qualities.

Why is it important to have a life purpose?

Following and manifesting your life purpose is a self-development path in itself. The higher and more challenging the goal, the more energy you attract. If you feel a lack of power, then check your purpose!

Think of a Buddhist Monk who has decided to eradicate suffering from the world. That is an example of higher purpose because the monk fully gives himself to others. He devotes his time and energy to a transcendental goal greater than himself. Currently, real Buddhist Monks carry out this practice to reach power and wisdom. They set the highest purposes to evolve and develop as much as possible. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now I ask you, what if you pick a mediocre life goal, one that is selfish and simple to achieve? As you may guess, a common and easy purpose generates a mediocre outcome. A common example of this kind of modest purpose is the survival instinct. Today, a large percentage of people have survival as their primary objective. It is an example of a shallow and selfish goal.

Your strength reflects the quality and purity of your life purpose. Choose it wisely!

Whatever you would like to manifest the most in this world, that is your life purpose.

How do I find my life purpose?

At some point in your life, all of you have felt your true passion. What drives you, genuinely and intimately. That is it!

Finding your purpose is about enthusiasm and honesty.

You will need the enthusiasm to connect with your life purpose. Joy, creativity and goals are interconnected qualities. If you lack one of them, you are blind to the others. Can you not find your true longing? If this is the case, try doing what you love, be creative, enjoy and express yourself freely. Do whatever you need in order to bring the enthusiasm back!

What about honesty? It is necessary to get rid of all the purposes that you have taken from the surrounding world. Observe, and you will realise how many of your life goals do not come from you. For example, making money, being famous, having a beautiful girlfriend, power or influence. All these goals are excellent only if they really come from you! The world (family, friends, society, governments, partners) wants you to accept all these external purposes as yours. Watch out!

Finding your life purpose is not an easy task. But either you do it, or you live for other peopleโ€™s purposes. Imagine setting up your own company, but you decide to invest money in other companies instead. Nonsense, isn’t it?

A life purpose will provide you with energy. The higher and more challenging the purpose, the more energy you attract.

What if I don’t have a life purpose?

Life purpose is not mandatory to grow, for there are other paths of self-development. If you feel you do not have a goal in your life, you have to clarify if you feel happy and fulfilled in such a situation. If the answer is yes, then you have likely found an alternative path. Otherwise, you should consider bringing purpose into your life, one way or another.

Usually, when you lack personal goals, you take external purposes as your own. The ones that people and circumstances put on you. In this situation, your energy will split to fulfil multiple and disaggregated targets. In the end, you will build nothing, and in doing so, you will waste all your vital power. As you can imagine, this scenario is not compatible with spiritual and personal growth!

Can I change my life purpose?

Absolutely yes!

Imagine that the tennis player achieves his dream and becomes a professional. Great! But, when it comes time to retire, he has to decide what he will do with his life, so a change in his lifeโ€™s purpose is necessary.

In other cases, the core longing may remain, but the way it manifests itself may change due to circumstances. Imagine for a moment that your life passion is human communication. You can work in the TV industry for some time, and later you may decide to leave and set up your own YouTube channel. Same purpose, different ways to express it.

You need to revisit tour goals regularly. You are a changing being in constant evolution, so your goals and dreams must be reviewed and renewed after every new lesson you learn.

Your strength reflects the quality and purity of your life purpose. Choose it wisely!

Will I be happy when I fulfil my purpose?

As you walk the path of your personal life goals, you will become powerful and wise. You will go through challenges that will bring confidence and understanding to your life, providing you do not reject these lessons. The experience of fulfilling your dreams will uplift you, allowing you to meet human happiness. But still, this is not ultimate happiness.

Ultimate happiness is unconditional. It is what we are, and it has nothing to do with our human actions, no matter if they are successful or not. It is the ultimate freedom of the self. To experience ultimate happiness, you have to become very powerful, compassionate and wise. How to develop these qualities? By finding and manifesting your dreams!