Exclusive Individual Training to boost your true indomitable power

Did you know that you have the power to live ON PURPOSE?

The one who lives accidentally have good and bad days.

THE GOOD DAY you feel great, healthy, alive. You see life in a positive way, future is shining in front of you, and you share love and good vibes around you.

THE BAD DAY you are probably tired, a bit unmotivated, lost. You are not in a good mood, and your interactions with people are not joyful. You connect easily with doubts and worries.

You’ve probably asked to yourself, And couldn’t I just have GOOD DAYS?

The difference between your good day and your bad day is nothing more than YOUR STATE OF ENERGY (physical, mental and subtle energy).

If you donโ€™t know how to switch your state of energy, you LIVE ACCIDENTALLY: some days are good, some other bad, and everything happens beyond your control.

Shamanism teaches you how to willingly change your state of energy in order to get back the power of your life.

I offer you the opportunity to LIVE ON PURPOSE and SHAPE YOUR REALITY AT WILL.


I will show you how to apply the Shamanic knowledge (and practices) to your life, to solve YOUR problems and manifest YOUR dreams.

You will:

  • Beautify your relationships.
  • Find your life purpose.
  • Defeat your inner demons.
  • Turn your accidental life into intentional.
  • Bring light and power to your people.
  • Face, enjoy and overcome your challenges.
  • Empower yourself.
  • Unfold your full potential
  • Use the places of power

You will EMBODY the higher qualities of the Spiritual Warrior:

  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Trust
  • Beauty
  • Wisdom
  • Peace
  • Forgiveness
  • Willpower
  • Love


Commitment and requirements:

  • SHAMANIC EMPOWERMENT is an exclusive training aimed at people very committed to their personal and spiritual development. Determination and discipline are required.
  • It is necessary to pass at least one personal interview with us before being able to contract the service.


SHAMANIC EMPOWERMENT can be provided in English, Spanish or Polish.

If you are interested in SHAMANIC EMPOWERMENT, let’s talk. Book your FREE strategy session here.