Exclusive Individual Training to conquer modern wisdom.

Do you want to go deep in Yoga?

Are you tired of endless stretching exercises that brings no transformation to your life?

Hello, I’m Pablo, co-founder of Inner Spark. I and my partner Monika have created CITY YOGI, an individual training program that brings real transformation.


When I was 26 years old, I decided to practice ASTRAL TRAVEL because I was pretty disappointed with ordinary reality and wanted to know beyond it. I moved to my second home and started meditating daily, lying on my couch, guided by YouTube videos.

Honestly, I didn’t manage to leave my physical body, not even close… However, somehow, I activated my KUNDALINI energy, and I went through the most significant personal crisis EVER. 

My situation was quite intense; I used to have several panic crises a week basically because I didn’t know how to manage and direct this powerful energy…

Who could help me in such a situation? OF COURSE, Yoga Teachers will save me, I thought.

I went through all the gyms, Yoga centres, Beauty clubs and so on. I was hunting all the Yoga teachers of the City. But…

I was unlucky. Those teachers had good intentions, but they were unable to help me. I remember one of them; I came to his place, I told him about my situation, and in response, he explained his research on how to achieve the IMMORTALITY OF THE BODY. I confess that I left even more confused.

I learned A KEY LESSON: A yoga teacher is not a Yoga Master.

Thank God, his guidance and providence; I managed to go through my transformation process.

Some years later, I met Northern Deer Alexander; finally THE YOGA MASTER I WAS LOOKING FOR. I learned with him the most profound teachings and practices of Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

My friend, NO NEED to swim in the Ganges at dawn or meditate with cobras in a Himalayan cave. Just stay where you are and listen:

I offer you AUTHENTIC YOGA KNOWLEDGE to CHANGE your life, HEAL your wounds and DEVELOP yourself.

The City needs YOGIS like YOU

CITY YOGI is an introduction to Yoga practice using Patanjali Sutras. This program ONLY covers the first sutra, YAMAS. 

It would help if you considered Yamas as the best introduction/initiation to Modern Yoga. It covers the very basics requirements you have to meet at the beginning of your Spiritual and Personal Development Journey.

Yamas improve your life and prepare you for more profound and potent spiritual lessons. By the way, this is NOT a theoretical Yoga training full of Sanskrit words you can’t pronounce. This is CITY YOGA, ready to be understood and applied in modern society, to improve your life and that of your neighbourhood.

With THE CITY YOGI, you will:

  • Set the most important foundations for PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT with the most ancient and respected Yoga tradition.
  • Learn how to BRING PEACE AND CLARITY TO YOUR MIND using Pranayama.
  • REJUVENATE YOUR BODY through Asanas.
  • Transform the way you NAVIGATE CONFLICTS by applying the knowledge of Ahimsa.
  • Learn to identify the HABITS THAT DRAIN YOUR ENERGY, thanks to all the main principles of Yamas.
  • Learn how to DIRECT YOURSELF TOWARDS THE HIGHEST using Brahmacharya teachings.
  • Get ready to TRANSFORM YOURSELF by following the principle of No Attachment.
  • Receive CUSTOMIZED AND INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE to apply all the Patanjali Knowledge to your SPECIFIC LIFE SITUATION.


Commitment and requirements:

  • CITY YOGI is an exclusive training aimed at people very committed to their personal and spiritual development. Determination and discipline are required.
  • It is necessary to pass at least one personal interview with us before being able to contract the service.


CITY YOGI can be provided in English, Spanish or Polish.

If you are interested in THE CITY YOGI, let’s talk. Book your FREE strategy session here.