The first 2 years of a Conscious Relationship

Life smiles at you; you meet the beau of the square or the lady of infinite beauty. You like each other, shake hands and go off to eat partridge.

It’s great.

In those first 2 years, everything is tasty and intense. The body is activated. Genetics, flesh, novelty, communication. Everything is more vivid.

You say goodbye…

No, YOU say goodbye first!

Even the smallest detail is enjoyed.

This is called an altered state of consciousness, and it has enormous potential for your conscious relationship… if you use it properly!

This is the IDONEOUS moment to:

Enjoy and Register: The experience of falling in love is a gift from the gods and is also a representation of the potential that the union of the MALE with the FEMALE has. It is important to register this stage in your memory and to do it externally, also with photos, videos, and diaries. It is an IRREPETIBLE experience that you will want to have as a reference or archetype.

Find the purpose of the relationship: Every conscious couple has a HIGHER purpose. Use the extra energy from the beginning of your relationship to find it. The secret of a conscientious couple is to ALWAYS keep the purpose of the union in mind.

Know your personal obstacles: Each partner you engage with brings you a UNIQUE ENERGY that will help you work through some of your traumas and limitations. Once you identify these obstacles, you will stop projecting them onto your partner and creating conflict.

When you create the right foundation, the couple develops positively and happily. This is one VERY big secret for successful, ever-lasting conscious relationships.

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