The fuel of the conscious relationship is Polarity

Fire and ice.

Calm and storm.

Human, biological and material life is based on differences. How the positive influences the negative. And vice versa.

Why do we have so little tolerance for contrast?

Our mind is possessed by the spirit of permanence. The big lie. The idea is that we can preserve ourselves as we are as if we live in a room outside of time.

That’s why we look for partners with similar partners. Jobs that suit our skills. Places we have already visited. Thoughts we already know.

Our mind is determined that we live Groundhog Day. So that we can keep our identity.

We reject differences because of the intensity they cause and the fear of losing ourselves in them.

So, isolation or fights.

In either case, energy is destroyed, desire disappears, and apathy moves in with you.

One word: Opportunity.

If your partner wants to eat macaroni and you wanna risotto, you have a wonderful opportunity to discover something new that you both might like, and that is not rice or pasta.

That is the magic of the conscious relationship. It is a relationship that explores differences as TREASURES.

Differences are the path that rejuvenates and transforms us. They are the trigger for empathy, creativity and discovery.

When you want A, and I want B, it is clear that we have to create something different. C. The third part. The new. The Trinity.

This path of conscious relationship leads to the ultimate union between the feminine and the masculine.

It is a path full of intensity and transformation.

Let the fire touch the ice.


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