Save your Relationship

A Journey to Rediscover the Love, and All its Meaning

This is an invitation to men and women whose relationship suffers from stagnation, distance and/or constant clashes, and want to:

  • Have fun and enjoy quality time together.
  • Feel attraction and desire to be intimate and share.
  • Express yourselves freely, and listen to each other with care and affection.
  • Make your relationship a safe space for healing and self-awareness.

Our program is a 90-day journey of growth that will lead you to reconnect with your partner and transform your relationship into a conscious space based on intimacy, respect and passion. You will experience a journey that will lead you to:

Come to know each other again: You will discover how much you still don’t know about your partner. With our practice “Undoing the Status Quo”, we will dissolve the mechanisms of unconscious communication so that you can get to know each other again.

Romanticize your routine: We will eliminate the inter-gender dynamics that block attraction. You will learn how to direct your attention, actions, and energy to activate imagination and desire. New romance and intimacy for the long term  partners.

Free Expression: With our practice of “Emotional Communication” and using “The Conscious Empathy” method, you will communicate without fear of rejection or hurt. You will open up safely, making it easier for your partner to do the same. You will share without fear, without judgement, listen to each other and accepting fully your experiences. You will both express yourself . You will both listen. You will both allow.

Rewriting the purpose of your union. We will redesign the purpose of your relationship to create a common ground of stability and trust. You will have perfect faith in your partner and in your conscious relationship. Your union will feel meaningful for both of you.

Heal each other: With our “Guide to Sacred Alchemy”, you will navigate your healing processes without blame or rejection. You will share your processes and move forward together. Then you both will experience transcendental love: The connection beyond the body, the mind and the personalities.

Our program is customized, and you can do it individually or with your partner. You will receive:

  • Regular video calls
  • Individualized exercises and practices
  • Unlimited chat conversations

The perfect person for this program has been in a relationship for at least 2 years. They intend to save their relationship and make it a sacred space of love and growth. They are willing to take responsibility and transform on an individual level.

The cost of this program is 1490 €.

After this journey, you will recognize yourselves as new partners in a new relationship. The mechanical patterns of your relationship will be left behind, and the conscious and renewed love will show you how much you have to learn from each other and how wonderful this path is. You will have the tools to overcome all obstacles together.

Sharing the passion and commitment to live together for a great purpose is priceless. It is a sublime experience that takes us beyond the limitations of the human body and mind.

If you want to live this adventure, email us at the following email address or send us a private message on Facebook here. We will contact you to have conversation to come to know your situation and confirm that this program is for you.

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