We know nothing about our partner

You feel fascinated when you start to get to know your lover.

When you think you know them, the fascination goes down the drain of routine.

The truth is that we NEVER know our partners. Each person is an ungraspable cluster of constellations.

Seriously, we know NOTHING about each other.

Just as we know NOTHING about life.

But this is something we don’t really like. We like the comfortable, the safe, and the certain… so we prefer to play the game of “I know you very well”.

And that’s when we feel at home. In control. Secure and with the certainty that everything will go how we want it to.

And that’s when we start to get bored, to lose our desire to watch series and to imagine what our life would be like in another place, with another person…

Well, the SAME. It would be the SAME.

Passion is the price we pay for convincing ourselves that we know and control our relationship.

Not knowing is an aphrodisiac.

Not being in control activates the imagination. It makes us open up and SURRENDER.

Not knowing what is going to happen makes us present. We savour each encounter as if it were the last.

Because who knows, it COULD be the last.

The false sense of control convinces us that this person will always be with us. Tomorrow, next year… the whole of our lives.

But maybe they leave tomorrow, or get sick, or leave us, or go to war… Who knows?

This is not being negative; it’s being realistic.

Thinking that your partner will always be with you is like thinking that you will always be alive.

This is a brief encounter, guys.

How would you hug her if this was the last hug?

How would you kiss him if you didn’t know WHEN you would be able to kiss him again?

How would you listen to her if you didn’t know where you would be tomorrow?

Let’s get to know each other again every day, guys.


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