From Single to

Soul Partnership

A Journey to Attract and Keep the Love you Want

This is an invitation to women and men who are single or who only manage to create short and dysfunctional relationships and who want to:

  • Attract a High Quality partner.
  • Create a long-term Happy Relationship.

Our program is a 60-day journey of healing and growth that will take you through the 5 experiences necessary to create real love:

1. Connection. We will use Active Social Routines to heal your fear of rejection and social shame. And with our “Tactical Empathy” method, people will like you, open up and share. You will learn how to find like-minded people, approach them, and create unique and fun interactions.

2. Attraction: Using our guide, “The Triangle of Desire”, you will master the qualities of your gender, so those compatible souls will naturally feel attracted to you physically, emotionally and mentally.

3. Intimacy: Using our “Conscious Openness” practice, we will heal your childhood wounds and fears so you will trust and open yourself without feeling weak or at risk. This “Space of Intimacy” will make your partner open and share. You will enjoy intimacy on your past (origins and experiences), your present (Body and Emotions) and your future (Plans and Purposes).  

4. Commitment: Using our practice of “The Three Purposes”, you will create a total commitment to your partner and the relationship itself. Your union will have direction and meaning, making your journey together grounded and safe.

5. Navigating the Alchemy: You will know how to navigate the various phases of the “sacred alchemy” process so that your soul partnership will continue to heal and strengthen. With our “Love Alchemy” guide, you will navigate through all the healing processes together, supporting and respecting each other.

Our program is customized and tailored to both men and women. You will understand the laws of love and the role you should play in your relationship.

You will receive the following:

  • Regular video calls
  • Custom exercises and practices
  • Unlimited chat conversations

The perfect person for this program is over 28 years old and has previous relationship experiences. They are aware of the potential of the spiritual union between man and woman and want to build that conscious partnership to celebrate life and know themselves.

The investment in this program is 990.

This is your opportunity to heal, let go and build the connection you always dreamed of. After the program, you will feel happy and confident. You will have started to connect with potential partners, creating attraction and intimacy. And you will have all the information you need to continue on your path to a conscious relationship.

Loneliness will no longer be a problem.

If you are interested, contact us at the following email or send us a private message on Facebook Here. We will contact you to have quick conversation to come to know your situation and confirm that this program is for you.

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