After my session with Pablo, I was literally at a loss for words. It was so deeply personal and eye-opening that I needed some time to fully absorb it all. I was able to see, in the simplest and clearest of terms, the root of my emotional issue. I’d been raised (thanks, mom) to live a life of conditional love… to love myself only when I’d done ‘the right thing’… But in that session with Pablo, I heard my higher self speaking directly to me, saying, “All you need to do is love yourself. Just that.” It felt like I’d shattered. It was an experience that has set a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ in my life. It’s more than I can really put into words. Thank you, Pablo, for holding space for such transformational moments.


My experience with Pablo has been beyond words. At one point, I lost all sensation of my body, like I was floating in the middle of nowhere. I felt a twinge of fear, but Pablo’s words and presence held me steady and reassured me throughout. Then, something spoke directly to my heart, whispering something so intimate that I can’t share it here. It was the most incredible thing I’ve experienced in a long time. Transformative. Real. Spiritual. Thanks, Pablo, for guiding me on this journey.


During the drumming session with Pablo, I was reminded of something quite simple but something I had forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of daily life: if I’m not enjoying what I do, if I’m not playing, then it all becomes meaningless. I tend to forget that I’m here to play, I take everything too seriously and end up anxious, fearful, and in a bad mood… Thanks, Pablo, for reminding me of this, it’s the most important lesson of all for me. If there’s no play, there’s nothing…


This has been my first experience in a rum Journey, and it’s been magical. I don’t fully understand what Pablo and Monika do, but for the first time in a long time, I felt like a child again, looking at life with curiosity and joy. I felt protected, like in my childhood when I lived in my home. I am lost for words. I’ve connected with something that I haven’t encountered in a long time. Thank you so much. There is magic in what you do.


My experience with the ritual has been intense. In the underworld, I felt pain, intensity, fear. I connected with negative things I had been keeping hidden. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to better understand my dark side and learn ways to work with it.


Wow, I’ve just had an incredible session with Pablo! My health’s been a bit down recently and I’ve been cooped up at home for months. Not being able to soak up the great outdoors or feel the fresh air was really getting me down. But then this meditation happened. It was like stepping outside and being in the sun. I could almost feel the sun’s warmth on my skin and the breeze dancing around me. It was more than just healing, it was a real release! Huge thanks to Pablo for reminding me that all the beauty of the world is right here within me.


After my session with Pablo, I reconnected with my body and presence. Before, I felt disconnected, adrift, floating in limbo. But with the rhythm of the drum and Pablo’s guidance, I was able to ground myself back into the earth, to feel my body, the intensity of my emotions, my desires, my presence. Pablo, you’ve given me something I didn’t even know I needed, and it’s made me feel alive and joyous!


I have to admit, I walked into Pablo’s meditation session with little to no expectations. I was just curious. The experience turned out to be so intense that I can hardly believe it. I reconnected with something extremely precious that, UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, I had lost: the joy of living. During the session, Pablo guided me to a mental state where I was able to experience again that basic and simple feeling of happiness, just from being here, alive, present. This experience has been priceless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Pablo. You’ve given me so much today.


In my session with Pablo, I discovered something within me. It’s a space filled with intensity and energy, stirring both curiosity and fear in me. Thanks to Pablo, I’ve understood that my life’s journey involves traversing through this space. I need to let go of the fear and find a way to integrate and express this energy in my life. Thank you, Pablo, for helping me uncover this.


I keep coming back to Pablo’s sessions because I always uncover something new about myself, the world, or my role in it. It amazes me how he’s almost 30 years younger than I am, yet in his meditations, we always find ways to reinterpret my whole belief system and perspective. He truly taps into some unique power or consciousness. Thanks, Pablo, for opening this door in my life.


My experience with Pablo has been brimming with visions, symbols, and messages. My path has always been intertwined with shamanism, and I was able to connect with spirits, receive messages of love and guidance, confirmation about my path and where I should direct my steps. Thank you, Pablo, for being a genuine and powerful channel. You’ve helped me affirm my path and strengthen my connection with my spirit and guides.


“The experience has been astounding. I could feel the energy swirling around me. The drum’s beat hit me, caused me to vibrate, and shattered the ceaseless motion of my mind. It’s been intense, liberating, and authentic. Simply amazing.”


As the session began, I started feeling my legs intensely. From the depths of my heart, I asked for grounding, as it’s what I need in my life, and the drum gave me just that. With my legs feeling heavy, I felt more connected to my body and this world than ever before. I ended the session with immense peace and confidence in myself, my life, and my ability to achieve anything. It’s about power and presence.


I come to these sessions because I need to disconnect from the stress and anxiety that everyday life and work bring. I didn’t expect to find such a straightforward and quick solution to my state of tension. But it works. By the end of the session, I find myself relaxed and free. Completely rested.


My mind became hyperactive during the session; it was incredibly powerful. I felt a bit lost, but every word Pablo said helped me to unblock and journey deeper. The drum is powerful, and Pablo is truly connected. He is a guide in the sense that he accompanies you throughout your experience, never leaves you alone, and fights battles alongside you. A thousand thanks for this!


For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to quiet my mind and enter into a genuine state of trance. With the help of the drum and Pablo, I’ve opened a new experience in my life. After the session, I was floating, feeling light as if I had shed pounds of thoughts and tension. I’ve already booked my next session. Thank you so much. It was mind-blowing.


Every time I attend the drumming meditations, something within me finds peace and joy. I’ve been dealing with stress, conflicts, and a lot of negative mental activity for a long time. This stops it all, resets it, and we start from scratch. It’s incredible. By the end of the session, I couldn’t stop laughing. Heartfelt thanks. Just 30 minutes of journey and everything is different… wow.


I came out of curiosity and stumbled upon an incredible experience. The drum helped me connect with a deeply kind and warm experience. I now feel peace and power. Not just me, but all the participants are floating, transformed. Thank you so much, an amazing experience.


It has been an intense experience! The drum has connected me with my legs, with my body. I have felt very powerful, and stable. I felt warmth and intensity. Now, I feel empowered to do anything in this world. It’s amazing to see how much power we have within, thank you so much for the experience!


During the session, I felt so happy that I wanted to jump off the chair, lay on the floor, and laugh out loud in joy. I felt a bit stuck before the session, things in my mind, problems. They have disappeared. I don’t know where they are, they just vanished! Incredible experience, as always.


I have felt a lot of peace. A lot. My mind has calmed down, and I saw silence, space. A lot of silence. It took me a while to recover, as if I had just woken up from a very long dream… and it has only been 30 minutes! Amazing, thank you very much, I am rested.


I felt a lot of energy in my throat. Warmth and tension. I loved it, as if something was coming out and being released. I feel happier now. Thank you, Pablo, for explaining that everything we don’t express gets stuck in our body. Now I understand that to heal, we must express our truth. Grateful. Blessings.


Monika and Pablo are wonderful spiritual guides. I have been working with them for some time now, and I find them both to be incredibly connected and inspiring. Monika’s teachings are profound and powerful. She has a deep understanding of shamanism and personal advancement, and she always seems to touch my soul exactly where it is needed. Pablo is an extremely gifted healer and is able to connect energetically on a very deep level. After a session with him, I feel cleansed and purified from the inside out, and much lighter than before. Together, they make an extraordinary team, and I am so grateful to be able to work with them on a regular basis. I feel very blessed to have both of them in my life.


Before the session, I was anxious, all wound up. It had been like that for days. I arrived at the session 30 minutes early, feeling completely out of sorts. But after the session, everything vanished. The racing thoughts, the emotions, the pressure, fears, and worries. All I could think about was finding a place to lay down and sleep. My session with Pablo made me realize just how much I needed to give both my body and mind a break, and it set me up perfectly for rest. Thanks, Pablo, for helping me cut through all the noise and find the rest that I so desperately needed.


Pablo has an inspiring way to quide you through yoga poses, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable while in his unique way helps you to realise profound things about your body, mind and soul. I highly recommend Pablo’s yoga lessons to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of themselves and of yoga too.


From the first time when I participate to the yoga lesson of Pablo I felt happy 🌞 He has an unique and beautiful way to uplift your vital energy during the asanas. I felt unbelievable good after. Thank you very much for your amazing work! You totally changed my state from good to extraordinary!


I’ve been doing energetic exercises with Monika and Pablo for over a year now and I must say, it changed my life. I’ve been on a spiritual path before, but the combination of meditation, visualization and physical movements resonated so strongly with me that– as a natural effect and of course continued inner work– other things got set in motion and new doors opened up, bringing me closer to where I’ve been wanting to be. Also, they have a beautiful way of presenting the deep wisdom behind this old shamanic knowledge in their workshops, which I recommend to anyone who is looking for some new pointers on their spiritual path.


I do weekly practices to strengthen the etheric and vital body and I can say that I feel how the energy is mobilized during the practice and I feel positive effects on my mood and health at the end of the class. Strongly recommended, Monika and Pablo are very friendly and professional.


I went to Monika’s session with no expectations. When she started drumming, I suddenly felt afraid. I was worried I might get lost in a dark and scary meditation. However, surprisingly, things turned out differently. Instead of feeling consumed by darkness, I felt peaceful and calm. The drum’s steady beat seemed to take me on a journey inside myself, exploring my inner being. As I continued on this inner journey, my worries and anxieties started to fade away, and I felt more relaxed and at ease. In that moment, I found comfort in myself.


The experience with the drum has been very intense, I have felt it throughout my entire body. Magical, new things have happened, things that my mind can’t understand. I have seen what stops me, my internal obstacles, my fears. The reasons why I can’t take the leap and do what I want. Incredible. I don’t know what else to say, I’m still integrating the experience. Thank you, Pablo and Monika, for this inner journey. I will return.


The Drum Meditation allowed me to deeply connect with myself, reaching the core of my being. In a profound moment, I received answers to the question that had been troubling me. This experience was truly transformative, unlocking a previously inaccessible part of me. It felt like a door had open, revealing hidden aspects of my inner self. The session with Monika brought about a sense of clarity and understanding.


When Monika started beating the drum, the sound was intense and powerful. Suddenly I felt like I was facing layers of strong fear, and at one point, I wanted to run away. But instead, I decided to stay and confront those feelings directly. In that freeing moment, I felt detached from the fear and entered a peaceful state within myself. As the drumming continued, I became fully absorbed in the present moment, letting go of fear and worry. This experience transformed me, as it taught me the importance of facing my inner fears and accepting my emotions without judgment or resistance. It showed me how embracing vulnerability can be incredibly empowering and healing.