Inner Spark is a platform for sharing knowledge and practices in support of growth, integration and expansion.
Growing and expanding is inevitable. We all share those experiences. We want you to go through those processes consciously and joyfully. That´s all.
We share what we have. We have it because we share it.


We recognize each other by being who we are, with clarity. Communication does not happen without trust, and trust demands transparency.


We are not trying to change the world, but to spread the recognition that the world is constantly changing. We enjoy this recognition by accepting every manifested experience which takes place in our lives. Such acceptance greets and embraces everything.


The highest purpose is beauty. We want to be, share and enjoy the beauty.


Transformation takes time. In many cases, the patience is the only option, and usually the best option. We are patience with life, with us, and of course, with you.


The act of recognizing ourselves in you, with care and tenderness. It’s just how we approach you and everyone else.


Having tried different options, we realized that there is no higher duty than to serve others. We have decided to make a commitment to a life of service.